How much is the house in the USA- Area and price tag in America!
I approach the houses. The type of house is interesting at once two houses in a row are sold, well, they are straight on the road is the road near the park passes though it is
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My medical operations in the US for insurance!
Today's video I want to do about how much my operation costed since I made two videos about my operations that were made here in America this operation on the heart of 2014 and
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Interview with Vladimir Putin to the American people!
The Kremlin press service published on the website of the Russian president the full version of Vladimir Putin's interview to the American television channel NBC. Putin answered a
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I just love my high from Florida and you look at the beautiful photos!
So parrekrasna life in sunny Florida and all because etto My favorite America, the sun, the ocean and a big sea of amazing pleasures, well, what can be better than just
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True stories about America: New York!
True stories about America: New York!
True stories about America: New York!
Interesting in the World
Continue our conversations and our regiment arrived professional new yorker and almost here we have the opposite but even a beginner new yorker after the first time I so
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Real American guys fun
Real American guys fun
Real American guys fun
Have a good laugh
America the land of the brave the land of the free also the land of controversy and what would the land of controversy be without good jokes that's what I thought time to get this
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If you blow up a nuclear weapon in a super volcano?
Every kind of fortuneteller predicts the end of the world with an enviable regularity, and each of us imagined the coming apocalypse at least once in our life, it is most often
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Americans eat tasty food - delivered from Russia!
Hello dear friends now we are in the forest in the mountains of northern California with me patrique and rajan on the table with us as you see a huge number of exotic Disney
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What glorious boys are funny from the west!
Yes, the good guys of the west are good! The best prikolists and merry fellows who can not only strongly and actively be able to stand up for themselves, but also protect their
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Bright representatives of modern youth!
Bright representatives of modern youth!
Bright representatives of modern youth!
Interesting in the World
They were always stunningly funny geeks and kept to the very last moment, until fate made them bright representatives of the blue and pink fields, however they are so capable of
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