Interview with Vladimir Putin to the American people!
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Interview with Vladimir Putin to the American people!

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The Kremlin press service published on the website of the Russian president the full version of Vladimir Putin's interview to the American television channel NBC.

Putin answered a number of questions concerning Russia's domestic and foreign policy, in particular, relations with the United States.

On anti-Russian sanctions

American sanctions are not connected with "mythical interference" in the election of the US president, but are dictated solely by the desire to stop the development of Russia, Putin said.

The President noted that the policy of deterrence is cyclical and has been going on for decades. According to the Russian leader, it harms not only relations between the two countries, but also American businessmen, because it frees up space for their competitors in Russia.

At the same time, Putin said that Russia's development can not be contained in any sphere, including cyber security.

"Listen, you can not hold back North Korea, what are you talking about, why do you need to do this, why should we detain each other, attack, suspect something, we propose to cooperate," Putin said.



Putin said that Moscow is ready to conduct a dialogue with Washington on a new treaty to reduce strategic offensive weapons.
The President noted that Russia agrees to reduce either the continuation of existing conditions, the reduction of carriers, the reduction of warheads. Putin stressed that for the country the reduction in the number of ballistic missiles and warheads is not critical, because Russia has a weapon that easily overcomes all ABM systems.

Speaking of US President Donald Trampe, the Russian leader noted that his American colleague respects those he cooperates with. In addition, Putin noted the experience and leadership qualities of the US president, which allow him to take responsibility and make decisions, even if they are unpopular.

Putin admitted that he never read Trump's records on Twitter and confirmed that he does not have a page in this social network, because he has "other ways of expressing his point of view and implementing solutions."

On the successor and the opposition

Vladimir Putin said that he thought about the successor back in 2000, but his personal preferences do not matter, since the choice will make residents of Russia.

"It's all the same whether I sympathize with someone or, conversely, someone does not like me, the candidates will come to the polls, and eventually the final decision will be made by the citizens of the Russian Federation," the president said.

At the same time, Putin urged not to be afraid of those who would replace him. The Russian leader expressed readiness to cooperate with representatives of the opposition.

"I would like to cooperate with these people and I am ready to do this to try to make our country stronger, more competitive, more effective country, self-sufficient," Putin said.

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That there Are in Russia-core news and statements!
That there Are in Russia-core news and statements!
That there Are in Russia-core news and statements!
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