My medical operations in the US for insurance!
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My medical operations in the US for insurance!

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Today's video I want to do about how much my operation costed since I made two videos about my operations that were made here in America this operation on the heart of 2014 and the operation for the gallbladder it was this year in May and after these videos I became to receive questions from several of my women subscribers who asked about medical insurance how much my surgery cost if it is possible to tell about it in the first video that was made for heart surgery I like there was telling about it that I do not remember about that That operation was made with insurance. Obama kiev last year I had this insurance Obama kirana is given to those who have a small income in America also depends on family members how many people and they are already looking at it and decide to give you this insurance or not, but approximately if here we were four people means the fourteenth year and there they look at the income to not exceed 36 36 or 34 thousand per year, I do not remember exactly and if the income does not exceed this amount, then obama kiev is given and this operation on the heart turns out I do not pay mud for her single dollar, and we do not even come to the beat payslip for the surgery is usually when you have any other insurance that you have to print out sheets where there is written all that much worth.

  I did not have this so I can not say how much it cost my heart surgery only to guess well when I was inserted an implant peacemaker this doctor told me that this operation costs 60,000 dollars but it's just an operation not counting there various tests probably preparing payments an anesthesiologist and various analysis is only here the installation of the implant is 60000 dollars and the operation itself I already said and there she went on the latest technology with the help of a robot of course she very expensive prices everyone knows that in America that in general abroad these fabulous prices for these operations can be 500 600700 thousand this operation can be and more I do not know just one example my girlfriend and her relative he is already an elderly man, too here we packs did not have an operation on the heart maybe it was about two years -tr back when on me about it or this has told or said to them the account too has come there too there was as it very difficult operation long went and the account has come on 900000 dollars well certainly any person can not pay such prices.

 And since he was elderly no longer worked and everything to him this state was covered by a wilfer called 10 with the state structure that is working on it and they helped him to cover all this insurance so I can only guess well and my second operation was already done this year already in This year I did not have a cime. I have separate plans. My insurance is called the premiere card. I have it called the premiere blue cross. There's the surname. The name is the end number, and on this card I have 10 drops written on it in this if I go to my family doctor then I will pay 10 dollars for a visit then the business card office n this is if I go to some specialist in this case a cardiologist I go 30 dollars worth the rest covers insurance emergency room if I get to the hospital by you eugene serum then the payment will be 200 dollars it's just something that I have to pay anyone but here's any account will be exposed to the usual emergency room when you get there an account of not less than one and a half 2000 comes and from this amount I still have to pay only 200 such insurance in general I want to say, then there are so many different insurance policies of different plans in America, therefore, it is accurate to say there that how much it costs is very difficult for everyone will have different prices because they cover different kinds of insurance in different ways so I have such coverage that I know about the office doctor when in the office go to the family doctor somewhere 100 120 dollars and I only pay 100 to a specialist here is a cardiologist costs from 250 somewhere up to 350 visit I only 30 was paid by steel insurance and here everyone has their own insurance for everyone will have different payments that Amer Ike probably thousands of thousands of insurance here is this premiere blue

cross only at me at one family at the husband Victor at it or him from work there already absolutely other plan at it or him and at children at us also remains Obama core and for everyone for nikita because of Ilyusha we pay additionally 20 dollars a month and so to us all left everything completely covered all the operations there all by the hospitals very much here is this my second operation was already done this year that's exactly with this insurance the premiere almost came a few belov immediately of course I could not say because we did not know how much this operation would cost only a pen With the operation, they called me literally a day after the hospital, they said that immediately today, the day before the operation, we have to pay 200 dollars in the US on a Victor card, and spend the rest of the account already all this came after the operation. Here I have several of these sheets prints here one of the first came such a letter there printout and we have to pay 40 dollars 18 cents here I do not exactly understand that some of them are described not by laboratory tests means 2 beat me came already already such a second letter There are already 308 to 308 dollars here, too, their different are not some visits plans so there I'll tell you a little more because here I absolutely do not understand what's written here but to mean it's already second beat how we have to pay only one hundred and six dollars not 300 deducted 3 letter .

  Also this from the anastasis about the log was two but studio log and here it is divided to the first and second each I should for 444 dollars the total amount of 889 dollars 34 c then came here is such a print out here written how much that cost here is also not all because already in front of going letters there too have been described many of these procedures here, but now he here will name the price means pharmacy service is a pharmacy service that apparently they gave me some medicine here for 102 dollars came out a laboratory test that blood and urine were made only 7 dollars 38 cents more a second laboratory test three hundred and fifteen dollars means 3 laboratory test 195 dollars one more test 116 dollars some certain tests do not exactly specify what x-ray means when they take a picture of one of the expensive but not well eight hundred and sixty-three dollars seventy-eight cents then diagnostics operation.
  Here is the most expensive thing that happened in the US is the diagnosis of my operation 7960 1 dollar 80 cents so anesthesia here is anesthesia I have already shown yes so this anesthesiologist test she went for 1000 dollars per 1000 51 dollar 96 cents but here they are already kind of sent at a discount that 889 I owe them and that means the dredge is the narcotic drugs that were given to me there during the operation after the surgery, anesthetic means $ 118 worth of this medicine as clearly the chain of points and the last is where the price for my operation is already fully specified because I am not under read it and now it's all separately so in general just looked at the wind today there was a scoop from my hands I snatched away a leaf and that's what the price for my operation can show here is the price 12000 290 2 dollars 99 cents sewed my operation to remove the gallbladder but I want to say that this is so like here I have a kind of insurance that does not cover completely that always surely comes to you an account.
 But we do not have to pay in the US completely this amount will be discounts and somewhere we counted about maybe one and a half 2000 we all will have to pay you for my operations the rest will all be covered by insurance also for my insurance we pay 300 dollars a month me the family gets the most expensive insurance from Viktor from work a good insurance because he works in medicine there, somewhere, he 70 dollars pays and he has there coverings of course good and teeth but there goes also a separate tooth insurance and 50 dollars are I too by I go under his insurance on the teeth, too, 50 dollars, but if we took insurance from his work on me, it is very expensive because it does not give them to family members.

big discounts but this is exactly in his company because they are also different when there are different hospital clinics they have different plans but in his company I would be very sad for me there that about 700 dollars only I needed to pay every month but it was not real at all just now I have to pay 300 dollars a month since I do not need a cardiologist's appointment constantly and now this is the law that was introduced last year like from 2014 if I'm not mistaken or since 13 that everyone will already have medical insurance who will not and et at the end of the year when that's paying the taxes to the state's tax take and they will be fine if you do not have insurance but without insurance certainly expensive when the little income or no income here is much easier you will be in the hospital.
 They will do everything to you in the US and eventually it will be covered, but when a person works, yes, here it is so simple and of course you need to pay sometimes a lot of money. Well, here it's good that you should not let it come in. But it's all there for a half or two thousand I must pay today, we can scatter this for a year and within a year pay this amount and I still have such a plan that I admit that I had a crap operation again there in the emergency, I got a big bill and I need to pay 5 thousand dollars my insurance she allows me only to pay 3 somewhere around three thousand dollars a year and now I pay allowable yes within a year these three thousand dollars and should 5 and the whole year is over already they have no right to take from me already what will remain there what 1002 of shares is equal to insurance is already obliged to cover here a little bit wanted to tell about their operations on their accounts, it's just that everyone will of course have different bills for the operation since it depends on the hospital depends on the state then it depends what you were doing maybe there is some extra there ana Lisa took additional x-rays and did an additional network and on the lips at all times here in my case, my operation to remove the gallbladder came out 12 thousand two hundred and ninety-two dollars and 92 cents I hope I was able to answer your questions well everyone will see the following video

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