How much is the house in the USA- Area and price tag in America!
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How much is the house in the USA- Area and price tag in America!

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I approach the houses. The type of house is interesting at once two houses in a row are sold, well, they are straight on the road is the road near the park passes though it is such a road and it is not very downloaded pinkish to him of the blog. There are such columns near each house when the house is sold here there is a piece of paper here everything is described so how much is an hour I will find 155000 is this house they usually lie on several sheets you can take we have no account here only they have one behind the glass is so kitchen living room dainin cut all mind there is a basement back yard the backside of the shock there is this t lefon realtor calls or can be the owner but usually realtors sell houses well owners also fashion when last year they looked there watched what is written on and power sells and then so much trouble so much of course basically prefer to do it a realtor and now it sideways look at the house you're on there there are even two antennas, two plates are covered with sawdust around the house.

  I saw how much well, so about the house for 4 or 5 b dr an intelligent house 4 or 5 bedrooms a Christmas tree near the house so something missed the idea wanted to sell it still say now that this second house we'll see well that's when we bought a house and we turned there were a few realtors you can contact to whom and he will ride with you at home here by the way in this house now there is an open see the door apparently show people the house you are on the door at every house when it is sold hanging such an iron box and in it the key at home and what's on it's real for every realtor who works permissibly and we leave and they have each this key from this iron box and the realtor any realtor can show you any house but he certainly must first phone there with the owner or with the realtor of that house like here we did we called the realtor we say we want some house to see we on the site found it's on ok he calls up the owner the host says well so much so you can come the landlord leaves home how much from we looked at home not when no one was home and we, too, were leaving the hill, they came and looked at the house without owners, that every realtor himself opens his own house with someone else's house.

Why so this one is worthwhile? The main thing is this big house of boredom, like now I was looking, or I have to look again, or 165 now I'll look again, I'm already confused, and this 164 small house, well, they are so interesting, it looks like a little outside and you come in because there is still no cellar there is a few rooms and so the house seems big although outside it is small so 5 bedrooms two baths picture is shown here living room kitchen back yard the site behind it here is no longer coming from behind you will not look because here the house is also so neat trees such grow thuya tuya somehow bushes decorative made even more interesting when here we bought a house and how can you have your realtor and the owner who sells a house from him his realtor and these two realtor they are themselves working there themselves the courts call up all the papers would be you do not need to bother about anything there even interestingly straight away two houses nearby are sold can be one master was then these too is a garage such.

  But these shops are big these two-car garage such prices in our area at home now still come see forgot it means 164 1000 this and this 155 that's interesting for 1000 difference this such a big house is called split level there you go in and up and down like here us house is also 5 or 6 bedrooms this outside is so small there is written also five bedrooms inside the price of 10000 difference this big is cheaper interestingly well all right so far all the houses review have made me remember that even here the parquet house is sold here people live here no inside the paper can life ь have already sold what happens if the house was sold well, still this table is worth it that there is no description at all prices and some rooms the mailbox is also such a neat little house also on us on vin 5 this tree is already beginning to bloom soon the bloom will be all in flowers without leaves some flowers sorry I do not know how much it costs because it would be interesting that this house is straight for a couple because usually where the park price of a house rises by several thousand

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