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No one will tell you about this in the US!

No one will tell you about this in the US!

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it may be the most amazing thing most people never heard of I'd go to PTA meetings for my son's school or I'd have my neighbor over for dinner and I realized wow you know people outside of my little science world have no idea what's going on and yet this is going to impact everybody's lives and most of the estimated 25,000 fans who streamed into the stadium said they were there for soul-searching on what's happening in America some say anger over politics and policies are fueling an American Society of division and Hayden and I worked on Capitol Hill started in 1968 and in those days the Democrats and Republicans got along real well and although they would fight on the floor after after the they left the house they would go have a drink together today is just it's not happening today that's why we get so soft like when do when did we as Australians become so soft that we couldn't cup somebody else's opinion and get on with our lives anyway if we didn't agree with it you know we've gone so soft and we're so judgmental and we want to ban everything that we don't agree with as people which is robbing us of our personality today's shooting is calling into question the state of American politics is it too hateful but just be kind I think be kind I'm sick of people being cruel and nasty online that's right I hope her whiskey upside Mack our favorite free speech does not mean the right to abuse people or threaten them or incite violence again that is reprehensible that's not all the time yeah when we get to the point where we can't talk to each other without going to blows we have lost all the fabric of our societies is in danger .

We can't say we didn't tell you about this one guys another one for you first as you know the world went wild when the male robber or the romp him hit the fashion scene orders went through the roof well today we present this ensemble designs ila based brand hologram. Social media is all googly-eyed over this can't be sure if those pieces are machine washable but I checked and some of the color and combo sizes are already sold out so do you like if you like what you saw as early as next week you won't need to pick a gender to apply for a Washington DC driver's license the state following in Oregon's footsteps we actually told you about that last week and just that that thing again just going back to your original article you know just because we disagree with something should it be ban is our world really coming to a place of safe spaces you know isn't that what the Nazis did they burned book eyebrows I didn't like what was written inside Jack Leroy we go support fascist behavior now is that what we got to doing in a bid to be pieces I think that is exactly what's happening.

So I have to ask you speaking of countries divided by language and religion about about Canada after we live for a while there is a new law in Canada that apparently will criminalize the misuse of pronouns you could go to jail for calling someone by a pronoun he/she or whatever doesn't prefer I might miss reading this law does it actually suggest that that could happen yes it's they've added gender identity to the Canadian Human Rights Act and that actually is the case for Canadians track now misgendering someone will risk you being embroiled either at a human rights commission or in a criminal court you I mean it's absolutely extraordinary this what we're witnessing is an Orwellian assault on the most fundamental language the language which defines the two sexes and Canada has just put itself on the side of criminalizing that .

Wait a fundamental language that corresponds with fundamental biology all of which it is now mandatory to deny its are you sort of wonder like what is know what stand up and say that you thought only in Sweden right so what has been changing and what has changed in the last ten years I started to observe things about 15 years ago I think I thought I started to feel that the corridor you know of opinions were giggling ever yeah and it was quite obvious in school you change focus in school you were not supposed to teach the students anymore you were supposed to make good citizens of them to have the right values the right opinions and that was kind of her political propaganda I didn't realize that first I was just wondering what is happening why can't we say what we want anymore there was a I called it term you should everyone should be agree and think exactly the same then what really worries me about the current standard of debate at the moment is it that seems to be the knee-jerk reaction of a lot of people who call themselves progressives that if something is controversial or provocative or say something that unlike it should be banned it should be shut down and that's what's happened with this film when the Seattle Storm take the court against Chicago July 18th the team will make a statement beyond basketball it's definitely a first for us in its first professional sports team storm co-owner.

Don Trudeau told me the WNBA team will donate some ticket revenue that night to Planned Parenthood we must also use this opportunity to do more to protect our unborn children it's almost a daily event in Europe a terror attack of some sort but not here but why not here on sort of the frequency the level of violence that we're seeing there's always been violence in American politics dr. Josh toffee says this is about more than nasty politics I don't think it's the politics that's getting nastier from a Civic standpoint I think we as a nation are getting more violent what we are experiencing in America at this time is sin lawlessness you say we're headed in the wrong direction are we feel America's problem is that America.

doesn't know what its problem is sometimes we wonder off and we get lost and we swim with the current and we become routine to the darkness and we just get blinded instead of stopping for a second looking up and saying how well that could be something cool you're looking at a woman who may have helped change the rules of life on Earth her name is Jennifer Doudna and she would probably wince at the hyperbole but it isn't far off don't mess with the god of creation you're going to lose about the invention of a tool that can edit the genetic fate of almost anything alive it may be the most amazing thing most people never heard of it's called CRISPR it's sort of making precise changes to the code of life kind of analogous to changing the text of a document which we get which we get right you see a typo in a document you can go in and make that change you know it means that we can control human evolution now we can control essentially anything that is alive we can manipulate the script.

So I looked up this study on growing leaders and I said what is the number-one fear that college kids have today and I like this study because it went past the normal fears that you would think of see what it said was they're not happy with the direction that the country is going and they are fearful to go into that and they want to possess values but life has always been very convenient for them with little need to sacrifice for what is right interesting when I read that at first I was like wow that's awesome that that's such a you know big fear but then I thought that actually really bothers me because this is something that we so have an opportunity to change.

Being in gender neutral is a kind of norm the New York normal Sweden but no one really wants it so that is the kind of disability ssin of the Swedish society in Sweden we are in documenting them to behave as women and even dress like women and wear cosmetic I take away all the male attributes. The title of your book the strange death of Europe what do you mean by that I mean that through a whole set of things Europe seems to me to be committing suicide civilizational suicide that book focuses on what happened in 2015 with the migrant crisis you'll remember but that crisis is still going on it's been going on for a very long time it preceded that year and it will go on for a long time to come it's about a continent that decides to basically say our home is the home for the entire world it's a home for anyone who wants to come here and in the process as I say in the book the peoples of Europe lose the only home we have there's a whole set of other things of course civilizational self-doubt guilt all the things with you in America also now are getting right so they think they're being nice they're being accepting and open but really they're committing suicide you say but in a practical sense that's not happening anytime soon yet the headlines keep coming researchers in China and Sweden and the UK are already working with human embryos yeah it's passed on to future generations that's what's so powerful yes we do change evolution let's change evolution that's right it was when my dad took me hunting for the first time and I started looking around and I said you know what somebody something designed the design that I'm looking at are you kidding me look at all the details of creation every cell of your body has three billion letters of the DNA code it has that many three billions that's the number of letters that would be in a stack of 1000 Bibles and what CRISPR can do can go in and can find that one mistake and it can fix it well what is DNA it is a molecule that sends Ephraim information that every organism needs to grow correctly it is the most complex code on the planet and she worries what's next designer human babies taller smarter better vision for a price I had a conversation the other day with someone who said they were imagining to go into a you know an in-vitro fertilization clinic of the future and you're handed a menu and you check off while I want this I want that I want this I don't want that you know it's a bit creepy I'm not very smart but if you have information I'm pretty sure there was an informant if you have a design there's a designer you have a creation you have a creator so she travels every word you tell the story about the amazing discovery she helped bring into the world.

You see what happens when you forget God and what he says when you take it upon yourself to play God to design then I got to Jesus it got my attention because his love is overwhelming what he did for us is overwhelming now some of you already are being skeptical and you think we're good gracious he sounds like a preacher well you know I'm not a preacher look at me I'm a believer if your calendar is dated own of all the human beings who have ever walked on the earth and your calendar is dedicated and predicated to just one of them evidently something rather large went down you.

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