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These American laws of the USA!

These American laws of the USA!

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In every country their rules rules you must follow some of them are really stupid today we're gonna check out the stupid ones let's go state by state in Alaska it's illegal to be drunk in a bar I've actually heard of this if you're already drunk and go to a bar drunk they can refuse to serve you drinks even though it's the bar that got you drunk in the first place ellee's know police enforce it you chillin at a bar police walks in how you you you are you drunk take this breathalyzer test imma give you up Sui sitting under influence I wonder like who makes these laws and how do they pass Oh Arizona my state right here it is unlawful to spit on any public building Parker sidewalk or Road I know somebody that went to jail for this like dead-ass went to jail for this so I can tell you now this is true you may be charged up to a twenty five hundred dollar fine and six months in jail so do not spit on the sidewalks Arizona got some wack laws it's also illegal to cut a cactus I live in the most sensitive a state Arkansas visitors beware it is strictly prohibited to pronounce Arkansas incorrectly per the state code the only acceptable pronunciation is in three syllables with the final s silent whoa I'm saying it wrong it's Arkansas Arkansas more like our kin sass cuz you a sassy a state there is no way this could be legit no wonder nobody goes to visit California California a it's illegal to build maintain or use a nuclear weapon well no shit but if you do it also carries a five hundred dollar fine who would've thought spitting on the sidewalk in Arizona is way more serious than using a nuclear weapon in

California wow just wow Colorado you're allowed to own a catapult but you better not try this charging it so you can own a catapult in Colorado that's all good but don't you dare can't pull out of it because that's illegal also flaming arrows you're not allowed to have flaming arrows in Colorado I don't know maybe it'd like melt the snow Connecticut a pickle could not be sold unless it bounces hold up you told me they test pickles before they sell them like drop above the ground oh yeah bounces pick it back up put it in the pickle jar with the rest of the pickles and then sell it and I eat it this happened to be a law in 1948 it was necessary after to ski big pickle Packers tried to sell pickles unfit for human consumption what the hell see some of these are legit and then I read things like this that are like what the a lot of these dumb laws they came into place decades ago so I guess that makes sense what the Delaware to prevent mischief of any sort children of the city may only go trick-or-treating between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. unless Halloween does on a Sunday then in that case you go on October 30th instead oh that's not even Halloween well you guys try to ruin.

Halloween you only have two hours of trick-or-treating it's like the damn purge like y'all gotta be at home in bed only two hours you know really breaks my heart that people aren't doing trick-or-treating as much anymore I only get grown-ass kids that are like [Music] Florida we know kids can be annoying but it is a felony to sell your children you've been warned um I'm pretty sure it's illegal to sell your children anywhere Thank You Florida for reinforcing that law I know children suck you might be stuck with them for a while but you can't sell the Georgia finger licking is not acid it's mandatory 1961 a law was added that it is illegal to eat fried chicken in the poultry capital of the world with anything other than your fingers a tourist was arrested for a violation in 2009 what the hell dad asked oh good thing I always eat with my fingers yo this is insane grandma Ginny was arrested on her 91st birthday for eating fried chicken with a fork dad asked Hawaii it is illegal to have billboards in Hawaii because the state is so beautiful you know put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari so you don't put billboards in Hawaii it's too beautiful do not touch his natural beauty Idaho Idaho is the only state to have an active ban on cannibalism only non-consensual consumption so if your friend is like yeah man you couldn't my finger let me cut it off for you and you're like finger I'm gonna eat it he gave you consent so that means this okay I like how they have to have an act of law to enforce it Ella no I fancy riding is strictly prohibited of any bicycle on city streets particularly riding with both hands removed from the handlebars both feet removed from the pedals and any acrobatic shenanigan so don't try anything fancy with a bike you want to do bike tricks you move somewhere else you move to Arkansas Indiana all black cats must wear bells around their necks on Friday the 13th it was introduced in 1939 oh it's Friday the 13th let me put a color with a bell on it if not what's gonna happen I'm gonna get arrested for something my cat didn't do my cat didn't put on the collar it's not my fault oh that ain't my cat uh-oh whoa anyone who attempts to pass off margarine is guilty of a simple misdemeanor you could go to jail for trying to pass margarine as butter yeah ma'am only real butter I can't believe it's illegal but it is I don't put that butter Kansas it is illegal to throw snowballs because it goes with another law that is it illegal to throw stones snowballs or any other missiles no ball like a damn missile how many kids got arrested last winter or maybe they do it a secret like I got a check for cops before I throw this at you.

Looks amazing video, so revealing well in reality The laws by which America lives!

Kentucky Kentucky Fried Chicken all public officials and attorneys in Kentucky must swear that they have not fought a duel with deadly weapons or been in another person's duel so they can't get the job until they've sworn that they haven't been in a fight with deadly weapons anything can be considered a deadly weapon Louisiana it's illegal to steal someone else's crawfish like really illegal damn so if you steal more than 1,500 worth of crawfish you could get up to ten years in prison and a $3,000 fine Maine it is forbidden to post advertisements on to another person's tombstone what the hell is that a thing do people actually do that why would anybody do that sniper Wolf's tombstone subscribe to my channel yeah wait what happens to my channel when I died Maryland it is illegal to swear a curse while you're driving I just imagine a cop like drive it by like somebody cuts you off you're like yeah and a cop drives by and he sees you mouth the words excuse me ma'am I'm gonna have to write you a ticket let me tell you I be gettin hella tickets let me add a hundred dollars to the city swear jar Massachusetts it is illegal to dance to the star-spangled banner thanks to a 1917 law and absolutely no twerking Michigan in 1941 an act to provide payment for bounties for killing starlings and crows so they offered any citizen a bounty of three cents per Starling kill and ten cents per Crow what the hell it was repealed in 2006 so this is no longer a law but damn that's like one way to make money Minnesota since 1971 it is a misdemeanor to operate run or participate in any activity where a pig is oiled up and released with the object of being recaptured people so damned bored in Minnesota they oil a pig up and they let him run around and you gotta catch him whoever catchin Wilbur here he get some bacon Mississippi Mississippi believes it as a person's in a label right to consume big gulps so you have the right to drink as many big gulps as you want I'm assuming refills that's why one and three Mississippians remains obese I wonder why Missouri it is illegal to swing upon another person's motor vehicle and honk their horn for them yeah sound like fun now that you said it's illegal I want to do it you cannot Punk somebody else's horn Montana it is illegal to play false which is frisbee golf you can only throw frisbees in designated areas $500 fine or six months in jail Nebraska no person with a venereal disease may get married in Nebraska what the hell that's rude what if somebody's dying and they want to get married no sorry we can't do this in Nebraska that's such a stupid law Nevada Nevada it is illegal to use an x-ray device to determine someone's shoe size of all the ways you could determine somebody's shoe size they look out for your feet New Hampshire it is forbidden to collect seaweed from the beach at night I know I know it's like so unfair like you could do it during the day but definitely not at night they might mistake you for like a swamp monster or something no Jersey as it gets the lots of murder someone no shut wait it's double against the law to murder someone while wearing a bulletproof vest it's like you're planning to get into a fight with somebody New Mexico it's illegal to walk with your butt out I mean that goes without saying no York this one isn't really a law but if you order a sliced bagel in New York City you get a eight set sales tax but if you get it uncut then there's no tax not Carolina it's a felony to steal more than a thousand dollars worth of grease grease theft is apparently a huge problem okay not Dakota it is illegal to set off fireworks after 11 p.m. ain't nobody gonna see it but everybody's gonna hear it a wake up oh hi Oh what everybody's favorite brothers are from coal mines must provide an adequate supply of toilet paper you gotta go when you gotta go you need something to wipe with you know I'm gonna skip sub cuz they're not really laws.

Pennsylvania if you are convicted of a felony you are never allowed to operate a bingo game it is illegal and you will go to jail Rhode Island it is illegal to impersonate an auctioneer oh good thing I'm not in Rhode Island feds would have been called I would have been taken away South Carolina it is illegal to work on Sundays bad news it is also illegal to dance on Sundays so like everything is closed on Sunday that's scary Texas it is illegal to throw litter out of an aircraft good luck I don't see how you can unless you just get it on the airplane and you're like oh I've got a little shit in my pocket throw it out hm yeah don't do that Utah hurling and missile into a bus terminal is a felony no shit Virginia it is illegal to have a skunk as a pet ah that stinks Wyoming it's illegal to buy things from an intoxicated person so if he's trying to sell you specifically metals rubbers rags or paper call the police right now whoa all right but that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video comment below what state do you live in or what country have you broken any of these laws before let me know and make sure to hit that like button and subscribe join the Wolfpack I love you guys so much thanks Archie bye guys ( )

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I love to eat donuts and look at the video as I buy my favorite food!
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