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President Trump made it possible again to produce steel in the US!

President Trump made it possible again to produce steel in the US!

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We will be calling back 500 employees this feels like the beginning of a renaissance for us we're finally doing the right thing for American workers after decades decades of unfairly treated steel into the United States so we're really happy and delighted to share with everybody that we're getting back on track after so many years well here's the story folks we are under constant censorship constant attack and the liberal media is behind a lot of it whether it's the Southern Poverty Law Center or Mother Jones or even CNN constantly trying to demonize us dehumanize us attack us lie about us and then have us shut down but because Alex Jones created an independent platform here and / and made the info or store we can remain independent so even if they try to shut us down and silence us thanks to you we can still operate and remain independent and you're supported and enforced or calm makes that possible so we've got huge specials running right now in fact this is actually week two of these specials so I doubt that these get extended into week three so take advantage of all the specials right now at infowar store calm before they come to an end I would I would I would guess by Sunday sometimes Alex tends to just let these things run on and just kind of let him go off the rails before he shuts them down just because he wants you to try the products out at a great price but my guess is this probably can't last much past Sunday so I would make sure to get to the

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of the most popular items right now like 50% off super male and super female vitality 50% off the real red pill 50% off true whey protein 50% off the new prebiotic fiber it's all it Infowars huge specials right now so support us help us expand and defeat the fake news that's why CNN wants to shut down that's why News Corps wants to shut down because we're defeating them they can't survive with us as competition so they have to shut us down that's a Nazi technique so help Infowars defeat the Nazis at CNN by going to Infowars alright I've I've gotten a little angry here today having to cover the liberal nonsense in California so I'm going to give out the phone line now

and we'll let the audience kind of talk me back off the ledge here the phone number is 187 seven seven eight nine two five three nine one eight seven seven seven eight nine Alex now specifically with Brad par scale guys let's actually try to screen some of these calls today because I want to talk about really this as the biggest story but what do we do I guess here's here's what I want to hear from the audience today what do we do about the bias the censorship the Nazi style rollout of their quote unquote public forum that's not really public it's totally biased totally slanted at Facebook Twitter and Google what do we do what should the Trump administration do what do you think Brad par scale is warning when he says we're watching you what do you think the answer to this is that's one topic you can call in today on Brad par skills tweets warning big tech what do you think about that what do we do about that what do we do moving forward so that's one topic guys when screening these calls the other topic you've got and I'm gonna go to this clip because of the tariffs and I've heard arguments both ways I'm not gonna act like the expert I'm gonna say I'm willing to give Trump a chance on this and see if he can deliver and it does appear he's already delivering now we'll see what happens if a quote unquote trade war happens but you have had steel plants reopening aluminum plants reopening I've had callers call into the war room that I normally host with Roger stone from 3 to 6 p.m. at slash show I've had callers call in from Pennsylvania saying yeah we are now opening the steel plants again we're now

Video as Trump his policy returns the production of the steel industry in the US-It is worthy of respect!

back to work I actually he was I had a guy call and say I used to work full-time over time and then I got slashed to nothing during the Obama years now I'm back working overtime we're hiring more people so the two subjects I want to take calls on today what do you take from bet Brad parse kills tweet warning big tech about censorship and then - are you a steel worker are you a steel worker in Ohio are you a steel worker in Pennsylvania have you worked in the steel plants before have you seen the steel plants get shut down now are you seeing them come back so I want to hear specifically from people in steel country from people that manufacture steel and aluminum what do you think about this are you seeing the rejuvenation of American manufacturing are you seeing the steel industry coming back those are the two topics specifically I want to hear about today so either someone working in steel country with experience in the steel country or what do you think about Brad par skills tweet and what do we do about the censorship from big tech guys those are the two subjects I want today so we're gonna kind of be screening your calls I want to only talk about those two things now we're getting your calls right now again the Wall Street Journal some steel and aluminum makers to restart plant operation amid tariff plans boom rejuvenating American manufacturing a Don Salazar Don Salazar Trump affect u.s. steel reopens plant brings back 500 jobs

and here is the CEO of US Steel on CNBC crediting Trump with their reopening we're really excited to be able to tell our employees and the community in Granite City Illinois that we will be calling back 500 employees this feels like the beginning of a renaissance for us we're finally doing the right thing for American workers after decades decades of unfairly treated steel in to the United States so we're really happy and delighted to share with everybody that we're getting back on track after so many years mr. burr at the Granite City facilities had been idled since December of 2015 what happened what caused the idling well it's the unfair trade you know if you're not if you don't have customers here to sell to and and you can't make money you have to shut them down and we've seen our facilities go from 15 facilities here and the most recent years down to seven think that's what Obama did u.s. that was stopping the American manufacturing industry stopping American prosperity a value of a billion dollars a market capitalization of a billion dollars and in January of 2016 we're actually less than a billion dollars and here we are working hard every day trying to get the things back on track and we finally get some good news because we got some courageous leadership in the administration and big big thanks to Commerce Secretary Ross and certainly president Trump for taking the leadership and writing some wrongs it's a really important that we get this right and finally it's happening a one more very quick question what we've heard in the pushback from people on the opposite side of this issue this week has been that look the jobs aren't going to come back regardless that so much has been automated they are coming back in the steel industry and in the aluminum industry they can replace American grit and American hard work all right we got to go to a break here on the other side well sir we'll start taking your calls but folks this is Trump fulfilling his promise this is Trump bringing back American manufacturing rejuvenating American manufacturing making us more reliant and independent or less reliant on other steel more independent and reliant on our own manufactured goods and they always spit Oh it'll never work there's no magic jobs wand and then Trump just delivers stock markets up

American manufacturing back steel plants back your calls on the other side this is the Alex Jones Show you know someone very profoundly once said many years ago that if fascism ever comes to America to come in the name of liberalism if you are receiving this transmission you are the resistance little girl come ashore where I am not nice always thumbnails because of all the active things you do three colored in seven flashes you just our impulses are being redirected we are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep there is a war on for your mind our signal has reached more than two billion people but the enemy is now aware of the fact that we've broken through and are moving to block us on every front the only way you're going to be able to see our videos and articles is to visit itself and hand share the videos and articles to everyone you know the signal is getting through and is exposing and defeating the globalist when we're able to get it through but there admittedly expanding their operations suppress us so only you can boost the signal only you can defeat the globalist we're in this together I salute you for your work and I ask all of you to warn you folks the television is a giant LED weapon system it's so advanced shows it to a country that go one way and come back to the other his home town northwest of Belgrade tonight their family his family is watching in the living room at home and one of the great new technologies that we have here at ESPN is that we can look at you in your house through your TV you know I got a little courage stand up for yourself waging war on corruption it's alex jones coming to you live from the frontlines of the info war we've taken a rain forest and made it brain forest plus now a 20% more in the bottle and even more hardcore formula you owe it to yourself to get these products they really have worked for myself my family they have five-star reviews by the thousands Infowars

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