I love to eat donuts and look at the video as I buy my favorite food!
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I love to eat donuts and look at the video as I buy my favorite food!

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there are many things that I love in life. I love my wife. I love my children. I love my family and friends. I love geocaching, but I also love donuts, guys, I'm north of Cincinnati Ohio and that north of Cincinnati Ohio is Butler County geo Tour donut trail, this is the right Geo tour dedicated to donut shops. There are more than a dozen donut shops, each of these donut shops has a hiding place and if you go to each of them you can eat donuts and you will find a hiding place and if you get them all not only because you get a donut-geocoin , many of you know that I love geo tours, and you get to some of the coolest places I went to Houma, Louisiana, participated in their geography and had a great time with steep coins, it will happen again today, let's give we eat [Music] I'm in the very first donuts shop, and I'm rekachivayus, I'm hungry, and I need a coffee here we go, we are on a sandwich fan of Ross

boy, it's close, you're kidding, I came here from Minnesota to have donuts, it's ok, I knew it would be close. Some of these donut shops are closed on Sundays, but that's fine, even if the donut shop is closed, all the caches are outside so you can still complete the tour, which is awesome, let's find this first cache. I have a passport. There is a code word for each location. I have to write down the code word, and then I can get my coin at the end of the time so I can find this code word, but I'm not going to tell you what it is, because you have to come here, you have to eat donuts yourself, oh, oh, good codeword, everything is correct 1 of 15 is completed, now I have to find a place that can open some donuts and coffee, ha ha ha, I found the first donut shop that is open on Sunday and I see donuts , and I see that they are open, and I can smell it. First donut. Oreo donut. mmm, come to dad mmm, that's all right. this new tour is eating donuts, and then years you will get it through geocaching
yes, we get a little wooded now everything is all right, the next seeker of this gets not only a donut for geocaching vlogger path tag. Thanks for the route tags. Calmly, oh, my boys, this place does not fumble, it's the most bizarre donut shop. "I was also looking that there is a super long line, it should cost everything to be all right, let's see what the treasure is from donuts from the goltsman. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a donut with maple bacon, which is a bacon directly on it with blueberries inside it, just like a party in my mouth, let's continue [Music], what I like about this place is that we got a donut shop right here, and then right next to it right there Jazzercise, so some of these caches are a few caches of the first dot due to the donut shop, you need to get some information out there and then you

go or go to the second point, now this one with which I get to get to Zen's good descent from donuts, I think I had about six so far to check out these parkour traffic, yes, yes, we are here in Martin's donuts and this Joan is good, I just informed her that thousands of geographers will arrive in May, thousands of us have what you think about this before you come to us deep down. Thank you so much, so many high five correct donuts Martin we have a banana cream. Yes, now can be my favorite. I just found a cache in this charming little donut shop that was almost closed, but I knocked on the window and they gave me a donut to look at this bad boy, it's called fell in love with the piece you need to share it with. I have no one to share it with. I think, it seems to me, I just have to eat it all myself, how cool it is to look at it, this is a gigantic painting about

He loves to eat donuts, which he buys in shops, but what about this food with him then happens to watch the video of a funny American guy!

donuts donuts donuts donuts donuts are on the last cache with a donut trail - it's a mail box with a box of letters on which it was sublime, it's a delightful little donut shop. I would like to have a few more donuts, please even include a seal that was adorable all right now, let's go to the visitor's center and get the coins all the right friends, I'm at Butler County's Bureau of visitors, and it's pretty cool, look at this guy inside, there's photographic paper with a donut tour that we saw along the way, but you know what the real reason I'm here is to collect my geocoin, we got Tracey here, and I'm handsome, so I got it , I ate a lot of donuts for this and had a lot of and knew that you think you should know that you too can make a tour of the geocash, but you can also go to the store directly, so go to the mmm-hmm store and get the stamps so that your stamps on your regular passport in the passport are good , so there is a regular tour and there is a geo tour - the right is amazing, and if you get all your stamps and we give you this toilet, I got a sweet T-shirt - 2018 will come to the Cincinnati area, and it will happen, this is a great time and unique experience, thanks to which you so much it's about, I'm all about high-fives

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