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Russia won't suffer sand on a threshold, Ukraine is in distress (Eastday, China)

For the last few years the USA and Ukraine, taking to each other liking, often cooperated. The last even wanted to enter NATO, but has been forced to dismiss this idea because of objections from Russia. However in February the American authorities have approved sale of arms to Ukraine for the sum of 47 million dollars which include 37 anti-tank Javelin complexes with an ammunition from 210 rockets. It, undoubtedly, is provocation against Russia; thus, settles the USA with the Russian Federation scores.

As reported by ChinaNews of March 3 Russia hasn't agreed with the decision of the Stockholm arbitration and has refused to deliver to Ukraine gas so since March 2 local time Ukraine has plunged into "gas crisis". As the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine has said, concrete measures of counteraction, including transfer of combined heat and power plant from gas on fuel oil, transition of the enterprises to work with austerity of resources, closing of educational institutions for vacation and fall of temperature of batteries in houses of Ukrainians were carried out from March 2 to March 6. As reported by Ukrinform the president Poroshenko has said that he has already responded to an appeal and has lowered temperature in the own house. At the same time he has asked all public institutions to pass into a regime of economy — "it is very important actions, and we will be able to interfere with attempts to strangle Ukraine, having only gritted teeth". At present the country daily receives less 10 million cubic meters of natural gas, but "everything, perhaps, will get better when warming comes". Because frosts haven't come to an end yet, 3-4 days after the above described events were "the most difficult".


It is easy to understand that the similar step from Russia is, obviously, revenge to Ukraine for military cooperation with Americans and also prevention on a case of her rapprochement with NATO. The relations of Russia and Ukraine continuously worsen. At the same time sending two American battle ships to the Black Sea in support of Ukraine and delivery of PTRK is not the act of good will. Russia already met pressure from the USA at the borders, and so far America continues to provoke and incite Ukraine, that will press internal pro-Russian forces, and it is quite possible that the conflict between two countries will erupt again. As for the Ukrainian question, "game of chess" between Russia and NATO led by the USA never stopped. NATO continuously extends to the east, reducing "vital space" of the Russian Federation, and if Ukraine enters NATO, Russia will lose the strategic buffer zone separating her from the West.

Russia has huge fighting potential and vast experience of conducting combat operations so her military power can force the USA to begin to worry. As the war in Syria of the last several years has shown, really it is impossible to underestimate strength of Russians — antigovernmental troops even if supported by America — "a mosquito sting" for the Russian military. Level of the Russian army even has forced the USA to cooperate with Israel in the solution of the Syrian question. Therefore the thought that Ukraine will be able to resist to Russia by means of 37 anti-tank complexes with 210 rockets can consider empty imaginations. Earlier the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Sergey Poltorak met the United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis. At this meeting the last has said that America will continue to support Ukraine in her counteraction of Russia, will deliver to Ukraine the "real" lethal weapon that it is as soon as possible successful to finish the conflict in the east of the country. It is clear, that in this case the USA does dirty work as others hands — they want to launch war which will weaken Russia. However the Ukrainian authorities believe that America will fight against Russia therefore nothing remains to them except how to suffer from reciprocal attacks of the Russian Federation.

For the last few years the relations between the USA and Ukraine became much warmer that not only has forced Russia to see to it, but also has caused doubts and discontent in the most Independent. As the leader of social movement "Ukrainian Choice" Victor Medvedchuk has said, without the consent of Washington "the Ukrainian puppet regime" can't make any strategic decision concerning domestic or foreign policy, Ukraine "has turned into the American colony" and works on a pointer of the States. His words seem very radical, however they give clear understanding of the purposes of the USA — constant "podnachivaniye" has to separate Ukraine and Russia. At a detailed research of a problem it becomes clear that, relying on America, Ukraine plays with fire.

The saying says that the one who keeps up to date is wise. Ukraine, obviously, overestimates the forces, and only let for it — to maintain balance between such major powers as Russia and the USA. Only standing aside, she won't be involved in their dispute. Lessons which we can take from actions of the Russian Federation in Georgia and from annexation of the Crimea show that Russians not the spineless people. Both Russia, and Ukraine — the republics of the former USSR, in the territory of Ukraine lives many Russians, and deliberate incitement of the conflict by Americans will make to badly true friends Independent. The facts say that conflicts only Russia and Ukraine will suffer from this. The USA which still hasn't suffered the slightest damage, rejoice to others trouble, and, undoubtedly, most of all benefit from the conflict.

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