Hawaii is an amazing photo of the vacation - from Washington!
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Hawaii is an amazing photo of the vacation - from Washington!

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You were not in Hawaii? Yes, you shook a lot and it's not a joke, I want to say that I go there so often that I just loved these islands and they make me feel amazing sympathy. We go there From Washington with the whole family and of course we are there cool rest!


Hawaiian islands for Europeans were opened on January 18, 1778 by the famous English navigator James Cook on his third round-the-world trip (here he died February 14, 1779, when he came back here after swimming in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean) [1]. Cook gave them the name of the Sandwich Islands (this name was used in the XVIII and XIX centuries) in honor of the First Lord of the Admiralty John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich .


By the time of the arrival of the Cook, the Hawaiian Islands had already been inhabited by Polynesians for almost a half a millennium. A single point of view on the history of the settlement of the Hawaiian Islands has not yet evolved. According to the most common point of view, the first Polynesians arrived from the Marquesas Islands around 300 AD. E., which in about 1300 followed by settlers from Tahiti, conquered the first settlers and formed a more complex religious and social system on the islands.

The Europeans found several state entities in the Hawaiian Islands, which in 1810 merged into the united kingdom of Hawaii under the leadership of Kameame I, who had access to European weapons. The development of interest in the production of sugar cane led the US at the end of the century to more active economic and political intervention in the archipelago. The local population, faced with extraneous infections, from which it did not have immunity, survived mass extinction: by the end of the century, from the 300,000 Polynesian population there were about 30 thousand people left. In their place in 1852, the Hawaiian Agricultural Society delivered to Honolulu the first batch of workers - 200 Chinese. Soon new parties followed. The Japanese, Filipinos, Koreans, and also workers from Europe added to the Chinese: the Portuguese from the island of Madeira, the Germans and the Norwegians.


In 1887, armed groups of whites forced to accept the "Constitution of the bayonet." Since Liliuokalani, the last queen of the islands, tried to challenge the provisions of this "constitution", a group of natives of American descent, calling for the assistance of American sailors from a ship in a bay, in 1893, revolutionized and overthrew the queen. A year later, the puppet Republic of Hawaii was proclaimed, whose president was Sanford Dole. After the failure of the counter-revolution attempt under the leadership of the Hawaiian nationalist, Colonel Robert William Wilcox, who was not tired of rebelling against both monarchical and republican governments, joining Hawaii to the United States was only a matter of time. In 1898, at the height of the Spanish-American war, the United States annexed  Hawaii and in 1900 granted them the status of a self-governing territory. When President William McKinley signed the "treaty" on the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands, the local population managed to disrupt his entry into force, presenting 38,000 signatures under a petition of protest; as a result, annexation was approved only by the adoption in both chambers of the Congress of the corresponding "Newlands resolution" on July 4, 1898.


From 1901 to 1902, the first chairman of the Senate of the Hawaiian Islands was the revolutionary populist Nikolai Sudzilovsky-Roussel, also known as Kauk Lukini (Kanak's Russian Doctor), who, during his tenure, managed to carry out reforms in support of Kanaks , but could not resist the influence of the United States and was deprived of American citizenship for anti-American activities. The so-called "Big Five" - ??five companies that owned sugar plantations of the islands and established their oligarchic control over local politics - made every effort to have Hawaii an unequal status within the US, because in this way the islands were not covered by US labor law.

In 1908 the port of Pearl Harbor, which played an international role since the end of the 19th century, became the base of the US Navy. The attack of Japanese aircraft on this base on December 7, 1941 led the US to enter World War II.

August 21, 1959 "Territory of Hawaii" received the status of the US state, the 50th in a row.



















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