What amazing supermarkets in England-See video report!
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What amazing supermarkets in England-See video report!

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We at the grocery store read Sainsbury's, these are the slightly more popular grocery chain stores here in England and we are all going to buy new products that we never tried before we never saw that your expenses are terrible to get a cart but it cost my partner, I could say that I remembered that for the last time here, we should get one yes, we will give the power that we need so that I know, but we are not very worried, we can not bear everything, yes, we have who is the coin that I know who has somewhere, yes, I have all the pr avilno, so you do it to look for pity for the carts here, it's so funny that she has to earn a fortune that everyone I know how oh she did not try until the wheels are different wheels in different directions, where the wheels are at home, they go only in one direction, it's not strange. Oh, no, these new guys. I have an idea of ??icing. All this left you looking when you look at me. I think it was Ikey because it's good, wow, there's all kinds of tasty look at these sprinkled asses that look good, look at them, can the Wau box, as you know God, this Mario Mario will do it to look at IV below, it all spiraled up spiral II, it's spiral sleeves, I'm sorry mom came again, Mom, yeah, whatever you want to get Ryan, you want to try something new, make sure you're not too a lot, because I can not put them in the freezer, yeah, okay, Bob Lee, there's nothing more British who, than the gloomy bobbies, except Ugly Bob Leyva glorious, they have Peppa Pig Icecrown, there are the starry Jima pops that I did today today, maybe it's small, we can get them also for the Navy's freezer, we'll get your shit, everyone in order, let's go, everything else you guys call him at home, again six of their food. Oh, do that you mean little that we are caste. Yes, we have it at home.


Yes, I'm a member of five, he can help me. Hey, where's M, where vegan chocolate is yes, where vegan chocolate you want to go crazy. H me mother okay Wow look at all the candies they have here cream creams, but these are good bourbon creams where they can love, oh , my kindness. The British vegan passage is the best thing you're going to say, I did not get it because I owe it to myself free of it just gluten-free, it's not milky, yes, it can just contain milk, it sounds good, so you want it, what you see, I do not know, yes, let's get a different look, how many crimes there we remove the cupcake, I'm so afraid of eating those we just come in, it's all right, just because we're on vacation. Oh, the choco buttons are what the EB eats, let's make that I can become pieces of ginger cake my god, let's get this lot, I'm like those who are vegetarian, yes, milk, yes, yes, you can not more wait to get what the pumpkin pie, so you have one value, because they just suddenly like coffee and walnuts, so they bake, yeah, what kind of chocolate cake with a cupcake is a lot of chocolate magazines, oh yes , well es agent Lee, we are not so fast who they have the Pink Panther, since they have the vegan himself, he's just free th bum, obviously it's all gluten-free, yes, it's not very healthy, and it actually talks about cream filling, but I do not say milk, I think it probably contains milk, yes, everyone in the the order we made.

 I think so, let's see what the kids are up to Christmas pudding. Amazing food is very different from you, you get for yourself Devon, whom we found soy yogurt. dog food, but it's soy yoghurt chips, where did you go, what kind of things, hey, guys, mom, we got a lemon league of soy yogurt, does not that sound like dog food, we all did it right that you guys, that I want to fight well, I think we are good enough in sweets and other things, and we try to persuade you to try it, yes, it's good that you guys are ready to go back, it's pretty good, yeah, it's amazing idea, let's get a diverse world. I just give each member that John remembers I already got it on e for this one of them will be mine, not that one of them is Eric, the elephant is like a character here, or it's just fine, I've never heard of him , my this woman except just got out in this movie, dad is good, she loves guys, my mom and pastor sent candy on taxes, and my husband Joe loves curly, let me see that you got a guitar for beginners and become "One direction" to see young parents for

five pounds is OK, so we have a basket full of new exciting British products to try well, we need to understand the system on your shelf. I'm nervous to use self-service here. I think we should go, make a man, let's go a man who, guys, I think we should come back here, it's all right, well there, we shake it, we can go here, it's fine, just try to let us we pulled our card in a sideways glance at everything you greeted, it's good, everything is good, well, grandfather knows, well, we're here, oh, cool, I can get free glasses that I'll get with that, I get oh, you you get a bunk bed, I think it's funny in the US, cashiers do not sit on chairs, I've never seen before really, you guys go around it's lazy, it's amazing, because you think it would be the other way around, is it not that we were on chairs, but I'm really surprised to see that you guys are good to us, sitting down, because I'm pretty tall, and I'm like little people. listen quickly, now pull that there you pass a certified law, here is a very illegal candy in the US. turn it over so I can sue more kind eggs, they are legitimate toys of Yabba inside, if we return them back, we will go to jail, yes, they can actually get you a fine that you will get as a fine in the amount of 2000 dollars, someone told me, uh-hmm, if you catch you with them, you will be caught with the help of a baby egg through the customs coming to you, that you do not know, everything is all right, so you guys are thinking about British grocery stores? I have many good pleasures to try not, unless Evie and the grana hit another two refrigerators, yes, we are hammering everything there, since it's my mother, I lost my Dow to your pound of your coin. I hope you find it

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