Arriving in Agnlia, we purchased products-Video hike!
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Arriving in Agnlia, we purchased products-Video hike!

A Wonderful Life
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We are all right, we go out, grab for these bags, young gentlemen, you're all strong, and we're here in the house of Nana's House, we hit her with our backs, the chariots here are good, here are all the bags where our knife- the chariot that called for free, it's a silly ball than it came back here below nine, I would not have thought of all of you crazy little chickens that they could wear your shoes, maybe when you had problems, so we're here, we're just sign this for today and depart from the city of Davao Philippines, here in the hometown of Ka rochie rosi and many pleasant memories here, where I used to go only to go to a very long-completed city girl who met 22 years ago, you know, but that's the whole story, but we're here!

 "I'm going to sign up with this very long trip, you know what my mother says, but it's worth it, and it's a beautiful temperature, and we're not cold, we're just happy and chili, all cool, youth judo, my coat oh nic e oh nice Oh, blackberry pressing is already ticking that it's going on. I'm going to tell Matt Matt how the video evidence of the video evidence Julia will assume that it's Lea and mum lovely, we saved them all in front of yes it's the machine that made the finger. I'm glad that's right. Yes, yes, yes, look at this, look at this, there is a whole printing house, the guys are going to get out of it, how cool that everything is right now. all children may be making the closure of the holiday, at which they can choose only what is written in their own color code to certify the bodies in August. Mika Perry Como takes the most out of digital systems, sounds blend together, random art, so Joey and something a little person, and in fact, if you are very divided, so what is it.


Joe. I'm just another album because we're going oh, if you're my son angry, but I'm glad for you that it's so hot o the traffic that he comes to cake, well, you have the whole case with him. Wow Wow, it's great, thanks, that this is my completely cured joke that you really do gives you this guy, now it's really sexy that came to England and really after that Nanu and grandfather asked the flakes to tell you something that , if you think you know that we do not eat enough cereals, we still think that this is a crazy price, but when they come here to go crazy, I thought that I just had one of my eaten soup, but someone is safe there, so I would like you to simply show, As you passed the day when they eat, says that we are involved in going up and down, but there is no company that holds the lid well, yes, well, that's why we were in England as an hour at Nana's House and guess where my crazy kids want to go to Tesco, so now we're going to test the coast, and Mike is trying to beat me with these things, do not even think about it, hey on the swing leaves is already checking it because of this I see ile.

 I'm trying to get rid of you so that you're still confusing, so I want to take you with us to Tesco's, and I have a good feeling and understanding of why they wanted to do what they want to buy sweetie banana, very kindly provided the means to get those sweets England Ted Coe sweetie sandcastles check that these guys are looking at these little monkeys, there's no way that you were serious. Wait, hey, you heard that on this block that throws a microphone, and Ally's playing on you can belong to Mr.. Tom, and he's about 70 years old, and still it's not like they're used to what's still happening, so great, Mike, you're ready to go typical, no, I'm here, since you can say that my the family is very much whistling, the boys are very much moved by their stomachs in the near future, when you mentioned food like bacon, the next word that comes out of my mouth is that we're rolling, we'll make it work so we go to Tesco, and now the notorious Tesco shamefully tries to come shameful, we are ready to go to yes, it's true, this is Isaac, the screen, the passage through Isaac's place, Susan Isaac, will cover you, I mean this body, we're in English, first we're in English to go through this grocery store called Tesco's, but it's all right, it's part of the holiday, and it makes me stand excitedly on your knees, because what is number one on your subject spot, does something here. Nana and grandfather drooling with a curve, hey, grandfather living a dream walking down the aisle that it's so fun and of course the stakes in BTI, you're looking for a world's DJ in until the power presents a ticket to the chicken coop, like you do, that we we have this calculation so that I with Holi Isaak wandered down the aisle to Tesco's and he looks for a wife on the SIM card, but he says it's complicated, but I just want to highlight the fact that I have a sweater and the hat he said, I think I can handle it. Isaac, I'm cold, he's cold, and it's not funny that Isaac is cold in Texas, so it's Julie, just said, Daddy, you're proud of me, and he pointed to this corner. I'm not sure where I'll be wrong, but I want so I was very proud of your son, but I'm not sure what I have to say is in the forest in which you're my mysterious grandfather, that is not an achievement, it's what you did, but you know what I am proud of the fact that you own this good house. I think that Tesco is a success. I think they seem to be happy, anyway, of Joey just wants to present it to me, that these weenies is not your lesson about homework, as his friend talking to him myself in fabulously on my goodness, it was he who gave us a statement, in which he learns that Joe will be here in three weeks, many of them are still available again, they were with me, but you say that it is probably I will try all this is normal, okay well, so keep the prison. Oh, this person, this is a big ticket. Tesco is a rap that I can not read, you talk about it, although we are like the holiday of England's rinks I like it!

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