Video story - "With the arrival in France, Only to eat"?
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Video story - "With the arrival in France, Only to eat"?

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We really will soon go, I'm on the highway to the danger zone, yes, follow me, I almost go one mile, so I now have almost five forces, now four, it's four miles an hour, a sound similar to the speed of walking , I can walk faster than that, you know why, although I'm on the move, I have a great time, because I'm going to France today, oh yeah, we're both going to France in Paris well this is Thursday, and still five, but we are so stuck in the mud traffic, and we got to the airport to soon bring a bottle, fuck. I'm going to press today to look at the time of France.

 Hi, I work, the anthem fucks that Oh, finally, this is one of the craziest fears at the airport, how long they spend to do it more than 30 minutes, which is dangerous because at the airport they had to do it quickly or people, who missed my flight, my people were bomb my visa was really good, but I'm still hungry, he's very hungry, I know I'm going to do what this sheet costs $ 20 right here, dad, I'm Emily, that spaghetti can be 35, dammit, my divine paper for canned spaghetti, we're on the coupe in this journey and it'll be my first time I'm excited that you're still excited, let's go like your flying dysplasia guys, so you'll live, you got a transfer to the front, yeah, it was as if it was so, as if we had some kind of crazy storm, how lucky you were with my flight, what happened to you at an early stage of the game, yes, I'm not going to tell you what a hack is, but Julian knows how to bribe people I just gave a wonderful smile and a bribe, and she got her first man's perk yes, that you're half il at the beginning because you are pregnant, yes, I was on myself, in fact I was not, I went there and I said that my wife is pregnant and she keeps her alone, she is there, they said that not sorry, but then the button Julia bribed her, and then you stood in front of Soros, I was like you, because you have to pay the same as yes, but you can with before the flight, I could not pay for the loan that you you can pay in the flights, I know, but you know that you can not do it on XL Airways, that our plane, we wrote it - the plane that we ride on it.


I do not think that I want to go down, it was really very stressful [Music], so I still take it all in and I do not feel like I'm in France, it seems to me that I'm still in the US because I'm still I see the material of the American alphabet here, the English alphabet, such as B in English, he says that sorting. I do not know what that means, but it still feels like the United States maybe, I do not know that I still can not register it, that we are in France, it seems to me that I'm still possible in us, because they are still driving on the same side of the road, and this is the left drive for some reason, I thought it would be a right-hand drive, such as the UK, but he does not tell you how much I know about the world is not very much, finally, got to the hotel, he was a crazy drive, it's super small you're here, I thought my leg with smog, but here even crazy, and some old that looks purple, you look as if you have laughter q5, now you feel disgusting "I'm going to shut up, you're alright, you're alright, Christina, it's good that you have baby, see that we have to follow you, I saw how you beat yourself and how you do, you're okay, trying to sleep well, we're checking our hotel gave them my passport so we're not going to be just that, so I I'm going to defeat this jet plane, which we are not going to release, s not going to spoil this trip. Yes, let's do it, yeah, dammit, it's a hell, it's an elevator, so our room is 407, but I'm kind of scared, ht let's get in oh dang it's like it's like a closet that waits for see how

little, it's alright, guys, so this is an elevator, okay, okay, yeah, you can not see how small it is, but it's pretty freakin small dude yeah oh shit I feel like they just this place was not done with the elevator , and they just fix this thing no more than two P three people, a maximum yes, you can not be more than three, let's not look like you have five children you just have to leave, you're ready, uh-hmm, well, ding-dong, yeah, oh, my good, always just like anything where you put your card, and then hello, I've never seen before that just got to our hotel room.

 This is a crazy mother. Look at this view of this BAM. Oh, look at this shower. it's good, everything is clean, or they say in France, it's little and pleasant, like my penis, what kind of hey, we need this ladder, this is the French staircase, I expect that I can not even pull it out if this thing is for I can not read this shit, you're sure to warm it up ugh go drive or you talk warmer, oh, my god, look at it, it's gamma, it's too blurry horses. Debra, yeah, Bart, you saw a rectangular toilet before they could take the rectangular cones in France, it's pretty cool, if you look at it from the outside it looks like a really old piece of shit, like some, and marble or something, something like this looks really old and really neat with a cute pretty motor, we get a small mirror that we can test ourselves, oh, I'm styled for France, my double fanny package, you see that I have a dual fanny package, yes, I know, but you just can not It's so easy to open it all up, why, because people commit suicide in France, you know why you're sure they're talking, but people in France are not pseudo-about, I told you that you-woos-buko-peshwa, Joshua, wait , let me see, oh my god, look at the view here, this is crazy. I have ratatouille on my left, and I got a restaurant there.

Oh, my God, it's like a sight of treasure, I could spy on people who eat which of the conversations they have, and what kind of conversations they have, hey, you win, get a baguette later, yes, please, I do not I know why the Vietnamese, what it is, what they say, I can not read that it's French, then he says that we are very happy to welcome you to our Paris mansion for the first time, so that you will enjoy an unforgettable moment that it's nice that English a sign of this Heritage hotel from the collection of M Galerie, which used to be the hunting house of Henry, Th hard turned into Belle Epoque style and friendliness these days, I do not know what it means to be cheerful, our whole team is certainly meant to improve your saying, make it unforgettable during your Parisian experience, it's already unforgettable, you know what I love about it, remember the museum we went to remember the museum we went to the Getty Museum remember remember the room of King Henry see what the hell are you eating honestly, I have no idea what it is like really soft no nothing that is almost like nougat and whether as a sticky texture, this is the French Luffy Taffy.

 I think so, and it looks like it's not so good. I know that you do not love me. I want to try. Oh, my God, it's from a wonderful little thing, along with a note from the manager of Mitch, and it's strange that it's a legend about a strange hold, you see the crap that I need to find, a little more, well, that he has almonds and milk. I think that there are pistachios and stuff like that for my father and knock Phyllis into my head, I did not forget to knock my head back. I think the head is knocked down to the end, of course, yes, it's just fine, we need to find some of them, because I want to bring them home. It's just some French taffy right here mmm this

probably super basic, and it just blows my mind, ha ha, that it says about my cream, they want it sir, if you want to buy for what I thought it was like four orgasms. It's interesting that in the closet, damn it, in her dressing gowns, and they "Actually nice too, they feel pretty good, I feel like it's soft, as you know the peach fuzz on the girl's arm. This is my suit.

 I really lied to you guys, I did not open it for the first time, I just opened it before and I put my suit in a cafe and a cafe where you can make my own cafe or tea, it's pretty cool, I'm fine here, there is only one water, it's like one water and one sparkling, that's all I refresh, like one second, then we are going to go on a small tour of the hotel. I'm going to show you guys around this whole place, and then we're going to meet with the group, so I'll see you for the second time of this kind, like this hotel, re like two girls on a three-wheeled bike going to show the competition then, how yes Th e Shining I think these people are after him, so if you, if you are there, I'll come to be like ah, just hang out in the corner, but in fact there's not much, you can drink some coffee, look, who walks down the corridor, it's like a loop-loop, you guys see it all the way down, and all okay, let's go down the loop, the loop on these ladders.

 Hello, lifts. I see that you applaud Jean, what happened what happened, you seem to have proven yourself, I landed before everyone, yes, and then they lost their luggage, and do not fuck that, yes, it will be in the next flight from Los Angeles, It's the one who checks the chicken too, so I'm going to check it out, as if it's too late for an hour, that's three, so you just waited, yeah, and I expected you to sleep not, but three, and then I go to the Kosovo police, lied to everyone to go for immigration, I did not get Elena at 11 am, I think it might be so it's crazy to have you for how many hours, like 20 hours, oh, well, we did not sleep too much, but let's all just go together in this wavy feeling and help each other's spirits go back okay, well, that it could be not bad, yes, it looks like a beautiful little one, but it's in bed, yes, in the bathrooms it looks like a walk there, it has windows, and like windows in the roof, we are thinking about making a game on the night of Trons in someone's house to smoke, yes, add to it about, I do not know either well, so I really know to yes you have good, so he says negative negative, so I think that elevators work here, you climb to the floor, but instead of like in us you love me, no matter what they do, negative, so that you go to hell all so negative when the dark hi doggie we are in the fitness room, someone is there, oh, oh, and we thought they were not going to dumbbells well, that's great, say it's good and the ace is here, you get it, you get water, yeah, you can get to get towels, not like a relaxed room, m rest room, oh, what is it that somebody can explain to me what is this stretching thing we see, I do not know what it is, but I saw that someone can explain to me that this is one day in the comments below, please explain to me what kind of thing, it looks like a ladder, you know you do not feel, oh, shoot, guys, look ridiculous, it's the boy's bathroom, it's what you're home, Look home, oh, you're going to the bath for the boys.

Gina, it's pretty boring looking at these things, it's my old god, it's so nice to wait for one more rectangular post. Thanks. No, I think it's just a bathtub. The reception in the bar and lounge is a celebration in Belgium. This is their national independence. There is something on the 14th or something like this on the 21st, but what is a person from Leprechaun high-five. Thank you very much, you're going to play a song for us. drinking my peacock every time we travel, we get pocket wi-fi, because that's the best way to use the phone, and that's like six or eight bucks a day, but if you guys get it, it's pretty painful, and in basically you just go and you are a hot spot, you are a Wi-Fi and you can use your phone almost everywhere, and oh hell is there the funniest thing that there is a brown look at your eyes, what is it that good French people just constantly give you a bite from the fact that it's really good, hmmm, mom, to We will eat, recommend who we will eat

Prince of truth Oh, Jim, your artifact, we better if I do not come here to eat hamburgers. I do not want to know that some Japanese food comes here to eat spaghetti. I come here for esquire, baguette all the crazy things or draw. I'm Harry. maybe, maybe I do not know that everything is all right, I'll go well, well, that you guys, it's kind of like it's hot to walk on some kind of BNC, it's all right - RIA, that you got gamma cream from a lentil salad, which again looks like a good home, never getting these sandwiches home, so that means they are doing it right. I love the drunken dude.

I'm right here with you. Gina got it - you have a good wife, yes, but do you think, well, oh, how do you look like yours but this is a steak. Oh, I end up looking at the record. Well, wait. Good. Check if it was very beautiful and rarely. Oh, it's really interesting. Oh, yes, good music will be tough, but eventually it turns off and the scents just confuse me, so you know that I can be in the working class differently when the waves just hit me in the mouth. I do not know what you were trying to help you eat and see if you can see what I'm talking about, I was embarrassed when I, when I offer it, like what the hell, what is it Oh, we keep it in I really do not know what to do about it, it's good, but I'm curious that I've never eaten a steak in this style, they're as dry, no, no, so oh, it's dry, oh, that's why it looks like a table.

Yes, I see that I am a peasant. I do not know anything about the steak. I'm so used to barbecue and grilling on an open fire. It's a stylish dry French style steak pretty good, I'm going to finish my dinner, now you guys just finished dinner, but I'm used to the American part, and my fat ass says I'm still hungry and it's time to get old the good MacDonald has gone across the road, to go there I do not come here to eat McDonald's burgers, you will not give me a deal with the brand, but I love you let's go, who it is, what it was, you must have your own account, this my order is McDonald, and this is how people lose their jobs. Wow happy After 15 dollars per hour go without McDonald's robots and despise the guys, I think I understand French, this shows the local failure of the printer, which McDonald's has an apple pie, like a real apple pie and cheesecake and cookies, make pasta, what it's McDonald's - it's fancy French poppy, we decided to be healthy guys, and not be fat, so now we're just going to look for dessert, because we did not want McDonald's anymore we were going to try tomorrow morning, we decided that we'll be healthy, we get water in which we we need water, but they have really cool different projects that look as if they are looking at Capri Sun pretty cake they have a green Coke here or in a store in Jena or go for angina.

Yes, this is that it's a hot dog, it's a halal hot dog, they have a mango of Druze, they got like sizes of lentils this porn or bok choy it's pretty crazy actually so good, but we just need water that's good Everyone knows how ice cream is, where we go, what we'll do, we do not need to get ice cream, what you're going to do is like what I'm going to do, we're going to leave, we'll be responsible for getting away, okay, guys , so we just returned, the time is now 10:45 pm I climbed Jess. I was such as we just can not meet, we absolutely can not sleep, because if we sleep, like 7:00 pm. we'll wake up like midnight or something and we will not be able to go back to sleep and it will spoil the whole thing, but what I like to do when I travel, regardless of the time if it's around 11:00, I'm trying to go to bed and knock out if it's not Vegas, thank you guys for joining me today and I had a great time in France, I'm already getting ready to sleep, and you have poo poo huh, yes, you have poo poo ye ye, like your friend who has survived so far, is not too tired to enjoy it, but I like the culture that we are going to do, h Usually we peeked a bit, like Costco, yes, so we got a little bit of food a little bit of culture and all this, and I think I'm excited that tomorrow I have energy, but now I just take it all in, and I "I'm I'm excited about what will happen, so watch the next video, because the real tourism will be a pen, you know that I have five fanny packs, and that's it, let's do it quiet at night

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