About the use of meat or how not to become a vegetarian?
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About the use of meat or how not to become a vegetarian?

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Of course, now that the welfare of people is increasing, that more attention is paid to animal food, in fact it is such a trap, because this man was allowed to start his carcass on a false diet with sausage meat salad and everything else when his grandfathers and great-grandfathers were poor people , ate only porridge shields. Now you have become rich.

You can let them drag along like kings who have been overeaten, and there are courtiers who overeat to insanity, he wants to eat healthy meat food, that the meat is something else, but for this you need what to do here on us on the planet pretty many people are already pleased with us throughout the territory, but we now need to keep this territory for which we sat in the residential areas of cities and villages, until we need to grow if we saw the alliance that we needed , was that there was still a lot of land for cultivation of buckwheat buckwheat this is all for the cultivation of cereals and apple orcs, the hard gardens of the waffle iron for the garden and gardens and the fields of the desired territory is enough in general that we eat this food for us, this small we want to include in this chain, it seemed, well-grown grain vegetables- fruit fields, vegetable gardens there are three kinds of so-called agricultural lands, and the guys, let's live with vegetable cereals from fruit, not to give us meat and get the meat that we need to squeeze the territory of gardens and vegetable gardens and fields that are grown on vege Tarian products for which in order to first plant a feast, arrange farms for keeping animals, which, if we finish, we will start the day for pig poultry hens there, after which for them in factories there are some poultry farms built further, we expect that to us we need fields to grow food for these animals, they do not feed food for our crops, and we release psalms for ourselves, and the last corn cultures are not meant for us, but for those animals that we want to eat later, the chain lengthens, they but since the fields are seasonal, we need the harvested crop to be ready for animals year round in the silo tower in the silo pits that should preserve this feed for these animals, the teachings of the years mean that the field of forage crops unloads silage pits for silage to keep this feed for a certain senate at the box office and lay out the stacks and wait for the time to feed our cows with this amount of sweat, how much we cared so little, and when we move these animals here in the stern, they must finish them, and where to finish them, it's not in the yard, but the meat-packing plant is built to fry the meat-packing plant where they were killed, and then we build a meat factory where we go from that meat to go there sausages and everything else , that the other territory is a gigantic concept that the chain of elongated car stores where we ell all this meat and sausage products from it is even simpler, guys, here our land has long gone, so that we see such a full-fledged for all mankind on the African Asia, we have a lot of People who live in a bowl, and not only dream of sausage, eat a plate of rice and everything for food and many things, incidentally, in Southeast Asia and Latin America, many of whom here eat, spend something for the flight, caught in southeast corn there is a pie with watermelon at work, and we have such tea that most of the hour so lives if we want the justice of society to give us or we will develop 10 times again all this is here the chain fields Kama silage crops for the animals themselves were killed for them store for the sale of safe products and for production, and it's not the meat of the next factories that are sausages, if we all develop, we are mired in 10


plus even waste from animal life to several of the same as waste, maenads are obtained, how to handle or pollute the environment, and this problem is terrible, and it is clear that one day nothing will be transferred, although gradually we will begin to reduce the proportion of forest , just in the population, the share of local consumption to prove that it is not so useful, because it seemed to us that this is not natural and gradually displaces the animal feed from our diet, and then gradually we will begin to reduce the area of ??Kamal's crops to match the rate of quality of all pens and all dx clothing in the winter, even more heated there to survive in the animal, wait until we collect them to put a nightmare further to reduce the number of meat processing plants and process them there sausage factories local shops all these reliefs for people will be here we are Swedes.

And a little more with you we will talk about the greatness of the real strength of the spirit, when you decided to refuse to write the gods of meat and suddenly you were drawn to the fodder! Can we say directly directly to a psychiatrist right away?

from this uncle, I told you today. I enjoy the second evening.
David Hawkins:
"Well," you say, "there must be some experts who have answers." When you are upset, you go to a doctor or psychiatrist, an analyst, a social worker or an astrologer. You accept religion, study philosophy, go through personal growth training (EST), push yourself to points using the EFT method. You balance your chakras, try reflexology, go to acupuncture of the ear, do iridodiagnostics, be treated with flowers and crystals.
You meditate, chant the mantra, drink green tea, try the teachings of the Pentecostals, breathe fire and speak in ecstasy in unknown languages. You center, study NLP, try actualizations, work on visualization, study psychology, join the Jungian group. You go through therapy with Rolfing, try psychedelics, try clairvoyance, jogging, jazz training, colonotherapy, healthy eating and aerobics, hanging upside down, wear energetically charged jewelry. You get more insights, bio-feedback, Gestalt therapy.
You meet with your homeopath, manual therapist, naturopath. You try kinesiology, establish your own type of enneagram, balance your meridians, join a group that enlarges consciousness, takes tranquilizers. You make hormonal injections, try Shousler's salts, balance your minerals, pray, plead and fall at your feet. You learn to distinguish the astral body. Become a vegetarian. Eat only cabbage. You try macrobiotics, eat only organic foods, do not eat GMOs. Eat to the Indian healer, go through the cleansing procedure. You try Chinese herbs, moxibustion, shiatsu, acupressure, feng shui. You are going to India. Find a new guru. Take off your clothes. You are swimming in the Ganges. Look at the sun. You shave your head. Eat your fingers, become very dirty, wash in cold water.
Sing tribal songs. Survive past lives. Try hypnotic regression. Shout with a primordial cry. You beat the pillows. You experience the Feldenkrais method. Join the group of marriage meetings. Go to Oneness. Write affirmations. Create a visualization board. Pass the experience of rebirth. I wonder at the I Ching. Spread out the tarot cards. You study Zen. Go more courses and seminars. Read a lot of books. Pass the transactional analysis. Go to yoga classes. You are engaged in the occult. Learn the magic. You work with a Hawaiian sorcerer. You go on a shamanic trip. Sit under the pyramid. Read Nostradamus. Prepare for the worst.

Eat in the retreat. Fasting. You take amino acids. Buy a negative ion generator. Join the mystical school. Learn the secret handshake. Try tonic training. You try flower therapy. Try subliminal therapy. You take enzymes for the brain, antidepressants, flower preparations. Go to the wellness centers. Cook with exotic ingredients. Explore different fermented gizmos from far away places. Eat to Tibet. Look for holy people. Hold hands in a circle and catch a buzz. Refuse to have sex and go to the movies. Put on yellow clothes. Join the cult.

Try endless options for psychotherapy. You take miracle drugs. You subscribe to many magazines. Try diet Pritykina. Eat only the grapefruits. You're guessing along the lines in the palm of your hand. Think about the New Age. Improve the ecology. You save the planet. Take a picture of the aura. Wear a crystal. You get a Hindu sidereal astrological interpretation. Visit the medium. Pass sacred therapy. Try tantric sex. You receive the blessing of some Baba. Join the anonymous group. You are going to Lourdes. Soaking in hot springs. Join the commune in Arica. Wear medical sandals. Ground. You inhale more prana and exhale this chronic black negativity. You try acupuncture with gold needles. You chew the gallbladder snake. You try breathing chakras. Clear your aura. You meditate in the great pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.
Do you and your friends try all of the above? Oh, man! You are a wonderful creature! Tragic, comic and yet so noble! Such courage to keep looking! What makes us keep looking for an answer? Suffering? Oh yeah. Hope? Certainly. But there is something more.
intuitively, we know that somewhere there is a definitive answer. We stumble on the dark roads in deaf lanes and dead-end alleys; We are exploited and taken prisoner, disappointed, loaded, and we continue to try.
Where is our blind spot? Why can not we find the answer?
Throughout history, only a few people have achieved great clarity and have experienced the final solution of our human problems. How did they come to this? What is their secret? Why can not we understand what they had to teach us? Is it practically impossible or almost hopeless? But what about the average person who is not a spiritual genius?
Many follow spiritual paths, but there are hardly those who finally succeed and understand the ultimate truth. Why is this happening? We follow rituals and dogmas and diligently practice spiritual discipline - and again we fail! Even when this works quickly the ego arises, and we find ourselves trapped in pride and complacency, thinking that we have answers. Oh, Lord, save us from those who have answers! Save us from the righteous! Save us from the virtuous!
Uncertainty is our salvation. For the confused still there is hope. Hold on to your confusion. After all, this is your best friend, your best defense against the deaths of others' responses, from rape with their ideas. If you are confused, you are still free. If you are confused, this book is for you. "

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