Vegetarian girl "Return to meat-eating"!
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Vegetarian girl "Return to meat-eating"!

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Hi welcome the style, I'm glad that you looked at my channel, warns that in this video I will be terribly concerned, and most likely I will tremble from the voice, indeed, the video's name corresponds to the reality in which I started eating animal products after four years on pure vegetable nutrition, and if you now expect to see something from the series, I did not want to do it, but I was forced by the doctors of close friends, or I just had to do it for health reasons, it's not so rny grow quite differently and I already foresee what a barrage of condemnation will attack me, so I will immediately say that as soon as my thoughts all that I am saying now cease to coincide with your judgments, let's say they find it difficult to turn off turn off this video, you can write its a fix in the comments.

 I'm ready for this too, because you know that people will be divided into several camps, some will say four years about vegetable nutrition, and then some meat is not important and in fact I would have thought, and a couple of weeks called hell, some will say , as you can eat animal products, this is the misery of animals, it's wrong, and such people, and also realize that some of them will include this video, and then think and we do not need and do not care about what there is this girl, and sing on some that will be supported some will realize that some will be convicted and I'm ready for all this and for something else this video that I'm not trying to justify on and delete it, most likely for me, that the picture is true, because if you continue to remain those who continue to think that I eat only vegetable products. At that time, I will be changing sushi from fish.

 I will be very uncomfortable with this self. Well, let's start with the ethical side of the question, because in terms of plant nutrition, many of this side dominates in this aspect, such a trumpet in gannam that I was about a month, no more than it happened to me after watching a film made by dugouts I did not regret that the animals did not become so inappropriate that I decided to abandon the animal's products, I, of course, pursued her other goals, but later, after the pity she went through in just a month, but a maximum of one and a half I have disgust , I was disgusted to eat products of animal origin, because I saw how they get to us on the table, I saw these pools of blood, these horrible pictures of the murder, and this caused me such a strong aversion to children, but over time this feeling disappeared, and I started as it's normal to treat nutrition, and that's what I do not eat.

 I do not eat everything for male purpose. I have my own vision of this problem, but it no longer carries in itself any epic component of it w as soon as such a decision, how would I even say that it's just a habit habit is very good very right now, we'll talk about health, the right food on my health was reflected only in the best direction in the first time my skin cleared, I had not had a rash on my face and back for seven years, and only with the transition to vegetative food, when I especially refused dairy products, especially from any jane to food, that the ingredients were so they somehow food animal origin threw cookies to a pie

almost everything that was what was milk and eggs, or the suspicion that there are these foods that I did not eat and my skin was cleaned, and it really was happiness for four years on plant nutrition, gave me smooth skin, and for me it is insanely important, so important that even words can not convey, because seven years ago I did not even dream of dreaming about it only in such inmost dreams, I could imagine that someday I could wear a dress with open shoulders, someday I will be able to put on a varnish with an open with pina, in general, I do not need to blur the face of a ton of makeup to hide everything that was happening on my skin right now, and I again say that this is due to switching to vegetable nutrition, as for weight, I was not aiming to lose weight or recover , I say so early, I lost weight, because I did not know very well how to combine these or those products, it was not fully realized that for vegetable food, you need to consume more in volume, because the calories in these products are much less, but in time, somewhere in a year, the weight is right. and the means for me also did not change much, except that I can say that before switching to vegetable nutrition my body was more flabby, but this had nothing to do with nutrition with the fact that then she was engaged sport once in a while, and now I have regular pine preparation, this result can be achieved and without I will look here and build points, because I too will be embarrassed.

See a video of how the girl escaped from the principles of vegetarianism in favor of meat-eating!

I will leave the other side of the hair legs, they will remain the same as before the transition to vegetable nutrition, nothing has changed, and once they are proficient in this respect, ev still exists, and the last thing I want to emphasize is that my vegetative diet was due to the impossibility of balanced, I took into account everything that can be taken into account, I used a sufficient amount of protein and additionally took vitamin b12, because this idea that he somehow miraculously synthesized in me by itself, is not justified himself in rvye six months, before cooking food, which I missed, donated blood for tests. I had a low level of b12. I know that now some will write that I forgot the year, such a result can not be but until this moment, especially products of animal origin, did not rely on what 12 we shared was low, I did injections in the beginning that I took then the tablets, now I just probably will continue to eat the spray, because it is especially difficult to eat animal products not in the beginning, but about this later, with respect to the psychological aspect, perhaps this is the most important morally tired when every counter-cross begins to prove It is that wit meat meat you die, it is impossible to live without meat in the meat contains essential amino acids. They only know the face in it when I listened to the phrase about amino acids from people who do not understand it at all, right so that the hair can understand it, because you know how you can teach a person to who you are, Directly 0.
Well, how can you say that only meat contains essential amino acids? Well, take the Google translation in any article on yasano that a balanced diet can completely cover the whole protein need, but not in b12, then that I do not have but all the time worried, constantly catching on myself compassionate looks at me, of course , was the support of relatives and friends, especially from the mother and husband, these are people who will support absolutely any of my decisions to which I completely trust them, when I said that I want to remake animal products about me strongly advised the Duma s, because they knew that it was already 4 years

this period was very important to me, and it will tell you how they just did not expect me to say it, and when we are already talking about the badges that I want to talk about right in the eye area of ??Chris and he was expecting to hear something it's terrible that you are terrible, so immediately said that no, do not worry, it's all right to go back to the animal products taken literally a couple of days ago, I really thought about this for a long time, I thought about it 3 days so that you could understand three days for me this is a long period, because the decision that I take ayu, fast enough for me, but an hour to sit down to think and decide, and in this case I was weighing all the pros and cons for three days, when I had, of course, my fears and my main fear in that the skin is again showered, yes, I'm afraid of this just horror, so I'll be very careful in my nutrition.

 I will follow the reactions of my body in one word, if I see that I have something wrong, most likely, necessarily return to the net, you must do it separately. I will not blindly believe in what vegetarian food is, but only the right one. For all this blind faith, I passed after reading the Chinese study more precisely after reading the Chinese study of the rebuttal in what is really well written, the scientific background is not in the Chinese study, many facts are attracted to the ears, so the next time you want to give a link on this book at the beginning, read the disclaimer, I really liked the lectures of McGregor, but I began to doubt their reality.

These were words. Now I am skeptical about the reliability of any scientific research until then. but I do not get the original in my hands, when the original stones fall into the hands, but do not get the principle at all, we take it retelling, even if I try to find the source source, I can not do it, because this information is either paid, or something else, you either know how the British scientists have proved, and when you try to find the study that you are testing and the British scientist understand that this is just someone's fantasy, in fact, not every study goes out every day different studies every day, I'm not on the table contradictory to each other, that I just decided more, but it did not bother me, and really I began to pay attention to people who are healthy for long-livers in people who feel well mentally and physically, I realized that such people in nutrition are slightly more are superficial than the rest, they certainly do not eat all the same, but they do not get hung up on people who have their eating habits, and usually they have lunch and dinner, no snacks in the middle do not know how they eat, and then, when he is hungry, which is not always fits into such a magnificent regime, when there should be 5-6 dishes and no food intake is less for these people, their habits and, in the end.

 I just came to the conclusion that human health is not only food and even not so much food, as souls of harmony and body, before it is advisable not to use all sorts of nastiness, but, more importantly, an unstable mental state now wants to talk about feelings of guilt and fear of conviction for having decided to return to animal food to recognize guilt, of course, there are, but not occasionally people apologize, of course, not before you, before you can, that I'm like a psychologist myself, so it turned out to be a substitute psychological education. I'm a little familiar with the principles of manipulation, the basic principle of manipulation is the principle of coherence, which man terribly is afraid of being inconsistent, perhaps further the perforations that he does not want to do at all, but only so that someone does not think about him or about him

I myself did not think that they all understand this, I decided to put off the guilt and fear of condemnation and all others, so you can say that now I am in front of you like an empty slate, perhaps you will have a question and what prompted I return to these products of animal origin, and the answer is yes, ugliness is trivial, and for me I wanted new tastes, I wanted new opportunities that I needed, and most importantly, I wanted to slightly reduce my limitations.

Yes, I talked about my previous video about intuitive nutrition more accurately about conscious nutrition, that a reasonable ban is necessary, and this is really so, but I want to expand my borders a little, my prohibitions will remain, of course, I will by no means rely on on harmful food I will not eat a large amount of dairy products, a couple can sometime have a good piece of cheese, but nothing more, because I know that these products do not affect us not very well for me, after all, it's imp how do I look so that before prohibitions should be for Rhaetian people, and in this respect nothing has changed, I'm just a little bit expanded its borders and summarized all of the above.

 I do not regret anything that I had these four years of plant nutrition as you could see from my remarks that there was no negative effect, vegetarian food did not affect my health, but the positive first clean, stable skin weight and new the right eating habits that are the result of a four-year stay on vegetable nutrition and still personal from here I now have the inability to exacerbate the taste, and I, when I tried the land with the fish, it was just an explosion of my taste buds that I would definitely not be able to get to the point where I decided to abandon the animal products of origin, that it was just not what I would say, how advantageous the solution is not here, so you see that we are sticking to excessive emotions, it was Inexpressible. I'm sorry that some of you this video will disappoint, but I'm not perfect. I'm not a guru. I've never been such that if now I'm sitting in front of the camera, telling you that something else does not make me all aware that I'm the same as me, I'm also wrong for making mistakes, although I do not think again, that what is being done now is a mistake, at least at this stage of my life.

 Well, I have the right to change my beliefs, and I will not fear it if my beliefs no longer correspond to my inner feelings, and I in no way regret that some of you I pushed to plant food, because every day today today is right now today this video was not released, I received a thank you letter from a girl who, thanks to her vegetation in Italy, also got rid of the rash that you spend, how she motivates me, how she inspires me, and yes, I could keep you in ignorance of that I do not I will eat products of animal origin, but this is contrary to my principles, so yes, I want to inspire you further. I will try to do it in every possible way, I will agitate for vegetable nutrition, but in my diet there will also be products of animal origin, because I want novelty, you ask where pity is disgustingly there, it's just something new, I'm serious, my conscience was silent, not remorse, I'm not ashamed of my desire, and I'm even slightly afraid of this new I, but here I can get used to say that for me I am shocked by such a huge freedom, and I'm in a state of euphoria, this is who through it did not pass, that I do not understand, on it all the guys let's close it, foresee that the video got a pancake, I'll try to cut it as much as possible, leave only the most important

in my opinion, the points of this video, I think what in my opinion I think that they should be be closed, but it's decided that everyone has the right to speak, that is, it's impossible to take, to close, and to close simply the Komi Tory, but I will ask you to behave in the hands of of the others, I'm not on my channel with a sweat I am the master here, and therefore all the bad comments are in the sense of not condemning. I accept this and the bad ones in the sense of Mexico are switching to the identity of the mat and the other will be deleted. I apologize but this is exactly what will be done because everyone has the right to your opinion and know I now like no one else I understand that you can change dramatically I say this because I visited several camps I really thought at the time so then, so so differently so respect each other and I will not ask you to put my fingers up if you want to do this in fact. we could say goodbye for the time being.

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