This English Egg and the way to prepare it!
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This English Egg and the way to prepare it!

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The preparation of the slush is always quickly cheap and easy, and if you do not have it in your refrigerator, you probably need here five simple ways to perfectly prepare eggs every time you do not need a lot for these first preparations, all you need, is a good carelessness of the skillet, on which there are no scratches on it, a rubber spatula with salt and pepper, and this can be the amount of oil you want to use, low-fat skillet eggs are known to be sticky for the ball and many other things there, and you also want to convince If you do not use metal utensils on the pot, first on eggs and eggs, one of my personal favorite eggs with scrambled eggs, there are many different ways to cook them, this is that we prefer delicious cuisine, it's great to have a separate bowl first in case you have large pieces of eggshell, if any shell really gets into the bowl completely, take the egg shell that you just hack into and use to enter and pull out the shell it may seem that it's easier to crack them into a pan and cracks tit them there, in fact it's not a very good way to do it.


 You will have large pieces of egg white. Some large pieces of egg yolk just trust me that it's easy. The ball is cleaned simply throw it in a bowl forward and shake it there, instead of adding milk or cream, we just use a lot of butter that you start with two tablespoons of butter to make it pleasant and frothy in a saucepan and when it is almost completely melted we're going to season our eggs with salt and pepper and any other seasonings that you want, and then into the pot that we want to keep here pretty low and we're not actually going to move the eggs at all, you see a little egg on the sides of the pan when you start to see a little set of eggs when you want to take a rubber spatula and outside to push the eggs to the center and everything around the pan so that all the eggs cook pret evenly when they are not three quarters of the cooked dish we're going to do a real dodgy trick here and add a few oil cubes that another one tablespoon is cut into four or so, we are going to melt these oil cubes into eggs and they will look like emulsifying species similar to creamy cute misty mists in the ovaries and they add to us, like a really nice creamy texture, at the end, so we recommend a little uncork them before you think that the residual heat was in the eggs will continue to cook them until they become a perfect share, I I mean that it definitely takes art and it takes a little time to get the scrambled eggs straight, but there's just something so good that it's just like the hits of all these salty cream for me, the fatigue for me and I just really love , if I fried with fried eggs egg. I think that people are scared of fried eggs.

 I do not know that there are so many different ways to do this, as if she's a pampi, lo, how do you get that lovely color that we're going to do on medium heat for a roasted egg, so add butter to the pan, add your egg to the butter, so that you want to be hot enough for the egg white to be set up, when it comes, let it start to cook, and you want to make sure it's not so hot that the egg white itself looks like everything, and boiling like crazy adds just a few drops water at this moment and immediately covers the lid, which Be careful to create a good amount of steam in the pan so that it helps to cook the egg white without being in such a high heat, but this idea will be cooked and at the moment when you know how it was cooked within a few minutes, you have the biggest in the world picture is a high egg, really yellow bright yolk, white is cooked, because there is nothing so strange as a snotty piece, none of you looks like a undercooked egg white, it can take a minute or two with this steam from above, and then you have the ideal egg.

 I mean that you could Instagram that it's a million things on the Internet, but how to get a whole hard-boiled egg, we tested a whole bunch, and this is our proven method for your ideal boiled egg every time you want to shift them medium -High temperature, because you want to bring them

to a boil, but you want it to happen slowly, just like the potatoes that we make, because we want them to cook really evenly, we do not want to be cooked from the outside for the inner pan as soon as it's because of the boiling that you want to take it off the heat cover and set the timer between 4 and 16 minutes depending on how you like your yolks, and then when they are cooked to your taste, you want to immediately remove the eggs and put them in an ice bath that is going to stop immediately. Preparing food to make sure that your joke is cooked at your discretion, if you leave them in hot water or just pull them out of the hot water and do not cool them, then you will get it for example, a very strange chalky, like greyish-green yolk, which we do not need, and as visual here are our eggs cooked at all these different times, you can see how soft the B yolk is four minutes, while 16 is completely cooked, you know that it's cut them in half or quarters throw them straight overhealing salad that they had as a nice amount of color and freshness, I think they are also very tasty, but there are a million different recipes that you can use for boiled eggs.

How to Cook the most delicious and perfect chicken eggs every day? See the video story-Cooking at home eggs in the ideal!

 Oh, it's okay to poaching the eggs, which I honestly do not consider too scary, you want to use a large pot of water, just like more egg space to move around, and you want to make sure that your pot of I know it sounds crazy but like with strong boiling, as if you do not want him to boil that the water is really devastating and she is going to shake the egg of a ton, but if it does not move at all, then the egg will just sink to the bottom , whether it be any movement rolling this egg protein over an egg yolk like fried eggs, you always want to make sure that you first hack eggs into a bowl and then we're going to do a whirlwind trick so you're going to put your spoon in it, spin all the water, and then t where we're going reset our egg, because its slowdown occurs when you want to add your egg, if it's still too heavy, Whirlpool is too fast, then it will be okay, you want the egg to pass and do your thing there until you see more not a single translucent white veta for pash egg that you want the egg yolk to be still quite liquid, but again no one wants a good egg white and this egg is from the egg so we're going to take a picture of it to get all the extra water and then you ready to eat, so this is the traditional method, but if you do a whole bunch, we have a trick for you, and not a big deep pot, we're just going to use a honeycomb pan that has flat sides like three or four inches deep that you can place some of these glass cups and completely cover them with water, and for this I can do like three, maybe even four, depending on how large your bowls are and how big your bank is and the same thing that you want to crack eggs in a separate dish, but what I'm going to do is go from one dish to another, and what this bowl will do is keep the egg in this space, it's cool, because you can get a nice rounded shape every time, but it will look a little different than your classic egg-pacho if you just do it for your friends and family at home. I do not think anyone will mind, it will still feel the same way, it's easier for you to do a whole bunch, and then this slightly less frightening way to approach eggs cooked on the paws is a really nice nice soft thin way to get the egg, and it's also a great way to serve something quite cheap. I love poaching eggs yes I posted your favorite weight I think my problem is that I do not have a favorite, I like them, if I had kids that could be eggs, I really can not choose one right daily schedule

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