The ten most delicious dishes in London "You should try it"!
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The ten most delicious dishes in London "You should try it"!

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Everything in this life has become quite simple and that's why I'm in London right now and I actually flew to London on Saturday morning and instead of the usual vlog tour I would decide to make a meal where I kind of show you my favorite places, to eat in London. of these places I have not actually tried before they just try the really popular places I've heard or read on BuzzFeed and such things, so the first thing we're going to do is the five guys, and it's really a popular place for hamburgers in London, in fact there are several branches, and my sister strongly recommends that I personally like Shake Shack a little better, but I thought I would give five guys to try today, you can order hamburgers in two sizes, big and I got a small cheeseburger, but in anyway it turned out to be quite big, but in fact it was good that you can put as many fillings as you want, but I felt that the meat was a little dry, so yes, I recommend Shake Shack if yours is in London, you need to try this place is called "Cookies Ben," and I like to go to Covent Garden, and this hand with the best cookies I've ever tasted, and actually has a branch in Singapore, but I've heard that this is not the same well, like in London, and oh hell they do not look so good, but boy, they're amazing s, they are as soft and chewy, and huge pieces of chocolate, and they melt in your mouth, and it's just the most wonderful kind of cookie.

I have ever eaten all my life, as a legitimate, so try this amazing and I always come back, so now we're going to go on a Saturday in London to always go to the market Portobello Road is a lot, and here you you can find a variety of antique shops for jewelry, so they get the feeling that I love to go to the market, so this is very big day on Saturday, so we decided to stop, you will find crepes shops everywhere in Portobello Road, I just think that There is, as long as you and I adore these to there are many different small stalls, so be careful with who you choose, but these are the Portobello crepe, and it was a very very good crepe that you can choose from salted pancakes to also use strawberries and bananas Nutella and Tella and all that's why you can choose which one you want, but we got a zero box, and I think it was like four pounds fifty, which is fine, that's why we are in the Portobello market, and we just have a crepe of crosses from Portobello, what do you think look that this crepe was soft m, it was Ruffy, he had a good texture, and he was very generous with inchaallah, which I loved, so I recommend to my favorite cake in London was supposed to be a diaper hummingbirds and fun things, which I first heard about this bakery for a cookbook that I bought for her boyfriend Jacob, and here we have a stunning orange muffins very soft mom PTA, which I call the center, and it's just amazing, I got a lemon and blueberries, which was slightly different from what I usually had a little dry, unfortunately, there are tons to eat on Portobello Road, so if these things do not sue you, I'm sure you'll find something, whether it's street food or a Good cafe.

 I do not know about you, but my parents always need to find some Chinese restaurant, although they are in Italy or France or even in London, so we always go to this place called gold mine, and this is the most amazing duck ever , and it's like roast duck, they also have roasted cashews and other Chinese dishes, but if it's really in Bayswater, and the duck is very good, I have to say that it's very crisp skin, it has a good layer of fat, makes it very neat, and the meat is just very gentle and

delicious. I really recommend this place, we rest for a dream, and in the serial cafe there is such a new greed of cafes that appear around the world lately, it's all around the grains, and this is one of the serial killer cafes in London, and when you open it you will find basically the whole restaurant, covered with all the cereals that you could ever imagine in the whole world.

It's like wow, and I like this place, because basically it's great, so you have as many cereals as possible, and they also mix and combine different grains to create different combinations, they are called cocktail cocktail mugs, so you you can order a shot shot we made, and it basically consisted of a roulette knocking out nutella candies and maybe different sweets, and then they use milk of white chocolate and you just pour it out and it was breakfast. I just had a few bites of it to do this my bagel shop on Brick Lane and it's very famous if you "Talking about cheap eats in London, everyone is going to tell you about the bakery baguette Brick Lane, which is famous for its buns of salted beef, and usually you think that you know what's so important about salted beef and bagels and the like is a 24-hour bakery, and it sells all kinds of bread, cakes and pastries, but bestseller of course are bagels and, in particular, hot beef sauce sauce we wanted to try it, after we went to a cafe, we decided to grab one of them and try, and I'm very glad that I did it, because this is the best thing I ate all day, like legal, after this video, and it looked like the beam is very salty, very similar to sausage, and the bagel is very sweet compliments. Brick Lane is a very fashionable place to come on Sunday morning when I arrived in London.

 I really wanted to try, like traditional British dishes, and make this video, so I thought that more Britons than Sunday's roast on Sunday afternoon therefore I hunted for the pub I went to after the church and I was nearby like 10 minutes on foot, and we decided to go to Harrison for Sunday roast that the best thing in this place is a very accessible place, it's only 1195 for one person, and that's a big pain, so I have a traditional Sunday roast, and I think that for Sunday they fry me a fillet, I think, h then the fillet of beef is excellent for me. I think it's a Yorkshire pudding and it does not look like a pudding, but more, I think, bread, I think it's so good, so I'm going to try a Yorkshire pudding of official British stuff. I'm going to soak all the sauces. Wow, it's like a big steak, it's the Oxford Circus, where shopping takes place, so we decided to come here after dinner, and we'll make it a forest. I'm very dirty, and another very traditional English tradition is, of course, afternoon tea, and you decided to try afternoon tea at this place called a sketch or this restaurant, and this restaurant was really interesting strange fillet y and cool, so basically there are different rooms, and this is one room, and then you have this room that looks like Alice's sadica party in Wonderland, and then you have another room that looks more like a princess like Barbie mixed with the same ones soft fishin and yes, but the most interesting thing is the toilet and look at it, I mean that it's actually goose eggs, but they are not a goose egg, because inside the goose egg there is a toilet itself, so they are all like separate small closets, and that's pretty it's funny because you make your business like everywhere else like goose sounds and it's a strange experience, but we had an afternoon tea and we actually had a cream tea that's really for this moment, and yes it was it's really nice if we are spotted and stuff, and it's never a lemon grass and ginger tea like this, and then I also have a very hard English, but it is very soft, my toys are all right.

Oh, think about the month in America, you guys think that I'm actually different, you have a horn, develop passion fruit from Kenya and dial number 10, but certainly not the worst, it's actually the best on huaca , which is Mexican food. I love Mexican food, and I tend to be in Stratford City or Mall

but this time you were here in Covent Garden, so I can stop, but this is the best Mexican restaurant that I've ever taken all my life, it's fresh ingredients, and I think it's very authentic, but I do not that's why I do not know, but I like it because it's always very fresh and very tasty in Mexican cuisine, so here we sit on you, like tapas, so it's like Mexican street food where you're kind of like tacos and then to Cydia, and then to other things, and then you add it all, so that they are on sa om actually quite small.

My favorite thing on the menu is that there are these pig pork tacos, and they look like really small, but very good. I like how it's just folding a small small soft turkey wrapper and this delicious stuff is amazing, we also ordered a few other things on the menu a week before Cydia and burrito for something that you have to order is a pure rose that is so easy crunchy, and you dip it in choc olate as the most amazing thing, ever, I really hope that you liked this video.

Be tuned for more. I see in Switzerland about the same as in a couple of days, guys, you are all very good!

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