How I spent one year in France-My video!
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How I spent one year in France-My video!

A Wonderful Life
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Let's do it.
Well, I'm sure you already noticed
Two different things about this video.
Basically, I do not speak English
as usual on my channel.
Today I'm going to make the video completely in French
This is my first video, like this on my channel
Wow, my neighbors are seriously crazy.
Second: I do not take pictures in the morning, as usual.
Usually I start the day - Saturday or Sunday - with this, shooting the video.
But I'm determined to shoot this video tonight
I tried once a couple of weeks ago, I think, to shoot on Saturday, and it was just ...
It was unnatural. I think it's more natural in the evening.
when I spoke French all day long, and all that.
Were here. This is the best angle in my apartment, where, at least, the light is not the worst.
Well, a bit of an explanation, before I start the topic of this video
Many, many, many of you have asked to watch this video
listen to what I'm saying in French.
And I really wanted to. I've been wanting for months.
I have a feeling that I am ready to make this video, introduce myself in French on the Internet ...
I dont know

This is a step, I think, a big step for me
because I never made a video in another language on my channel
And I'm a little nervous, actually
I never tried to edit a video, listening to myself, speaking in French
I think I'll notice a lot of mistakes when I edit this video
And if you notice errors that I make several times in the video
really bad mistake, something that is a real problem
tell me in the comments, please!
But in any case, the reason I saved this video through these months is that I wanted [to do this]
because a year ago I decided that I would save this video this time
So I was very much planning
This week, more or less, this is my "anniversary" in France
So, one year ago almost from today I moved to France, and I started my life here
And in fact, it's also very close to my birthday, so ...
I'm very much idle!
That's why I chose this topic for my first video ...
Oh, my God, well, the floors in French are seriously complicated
Sorry, because I know that I'm going to make a lot of gender errors in this video ...
Today I want to talk about a conversation about my French, my level of French,
How do I feel here in France, and all this
after this crazy year
If you do not know a little about my history with the French
I've never done anything. I took Spanish at university
and I started French about two and a half years ago, I think
after I met my husband (my boyfriend at the time) and he's French
That's why I now speak French ... better than my Spanish
It's a little embarrassing for my Spanish, but I'm going to return to it
And this is also the reason why I now live in France
I work here, but I use English more than French when I work

I fell in love with France and love to communicate here with French Druzmi and I'm glad that you are now, so watch this video of "My French impressions"!


Je suis tomb? amoureux de la France et j'adore communiquer ici avec Druzmi fran?ais et je suis content que tu sois maintenant, alors regarde cette vid?o de "Mes impressions fran?aises"!

This has not greatly improved my French, and it's a bit of a shame, because
I wanted to speak French better [by now]
I realized that I would really be bilingual
but in fact, I feel like I'm completely bilingual ...
especially when I talk about subjects that I know very well
I feel really, really comfortable with all of this, but
when I enter a topic that I do not know very well
there are many lexical words that create problems for me still
It's just ... It's a process
I'm still very proud of my progress. I think this is very important for people who are learning another language
It is very important to want to be better and want to improve
but still look behind you and look at the progress that you have made
So, how do I feel here in France ...?
I love France. I love Paris, even
A year passed

I heard that in two or three years you are completely tired of Paris and
and it drives you crazy and all that
but right now ... I see bad things - and if you want to watch a video about it
I'm glad to do this, because
Paris is not always "beautiful Paris", which everyone says
There are things that are seriously bad for Paris, and there are things that are really beautiful in Paris
But I'm much more used to living here and in life in French
This is the first time I have lived in a non-English-speaking country for a long time
I lived in the US most of my life
I lived in England, of course, and in English
I lived about three months in Spain, and it was really great, but
you know that only three months have passed
So it was not long. I'm really not used to ...
be there and be in a country that speaks Spanish
and now, in a year, I'm too used to it, I think
because I was [just] in Spain
and I wanted to speak French with everyone there
One thing that is still a little "annoying", let's say
and I think that this is something that will continue to irritate for a while
This is what's in English ... I studied English, it was my major, I studied literature
Languages, communication is really what I love
and I'm a little proud of my level of English, my native language
There is an opportunity to speak your language, but then there is this level that really knows your language
And this was my subject, this is what I studied at the university
So, communication is what I love, and in French ...
There are many situations where I really want to speak well
I do not just want to talk to be understood, but to speak WELL and be impressive
It's still impossible for me right now with the French
It kind of restricts you, so ... for me it's a bit annoying sometimes
This, of course, is better than when I really did not have words when my level was really low
but sometimes it's a bit more frustrating, maybe
just because I know that I'm almost there. I'm almost there!
And I just can not until now.


But I know that he will get there
In the future, I hope I can talk very well. I want to be completely bilingual
and I think it's possible. It's really possible
I'm almost there, I know that there is a lot of vocabulary that I still lack
It's still like that ... And, because I never took lessons and all that,
sometimes - although my level of Spanish is not as good as my French,
at times there are vocabulary words that I know in Spanish, and that I can not remember in French
And this is because I did not take lessons
I really learned from conversations, from watching videos and all this
If you want, I can make a whole video on this issue
..... xD
Well, now I'm losing my French. I think that almost the end of this video
But if you want a video about this - I was talking about how to learn the language and everything before that, but
if you want something like that in French, maybe I can do it
I know that I have a job related to the French, always
It will be a very long way, I know
be completely bilingual in the language ... If you speak several languages, you already know it already
But this is something that I know I can do, and I really really want
It's very possible, I know
And it's not easy, because I'm here, that I want to be bilingual and that I want to speak French well
but, also ... it would be a little less difficult if I spoke perfectly
go to the grocery store or be on the street, and someone asks directions
This happened to me several times, in fact
I'm going to finish this video here because I have the impression that I'm talking, talking and talking
and I do not really say much
Thank you so much for watching this video until here, until the end.
I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to see more videos in French on this channel
with subtitles in English, of course, always
If I create a video in another language on this channel, this English channel
I promise that there will be subtitles in English
But if you want to see more videos in French, let me know in the comments
Let me know if you have topics that you want to talk about, in a video in French or in English, or what you have
I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you in another video soon!

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