The best day in France Provence diary as we travel!
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The best day in France Provence diary as we travel!

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You are all right, this is the bike trip we are going to do today on the bus in Busuana, a short trip to our nearest village duan and back - these are the most surgical intense shots that I will explain to you first, and we are here when we go, when we are on my visual paths, it seems that we should whisper, I know, because it's so quiet and peaceful.
 Oh dammit, I think it'll be good that you get a smile, like a little, oh, we're going to start tracking the hotel, but we decided to stop this small place to get a little sorbets to cool down a bit before we start trusting a very high mountain with a lot of wrong comments on the hair this time because it's about 86 degrees out of the right now and everything is hot all up the hill, coming back, guys, you figured out how to ride a bike and do it now, it's super fun , there is a lot of work.

 Oh, does not sound good. We had a little situation here with Ojai the chain came off and I think we decided to get it right, yeah, and we came back to get the bike back, we made it guys who performed this bike ride, it was pretty intense, but it was very good, and we really sweaty, so that returned the shower really quickly put on a really comfortable dress to put it on for dinner, this is the face of a very hungry man who all day riding a bike and starving and deserving all you can eat right now, this is a small fall malaria now we have great homemade pasta with bolognese and some pasta with carbonara. I feel like the atmosphere of this place.

Good religion Angelo. It is very good that you have ever been a good process because it's good that we found out with you or left the ground to you just seemed so happy here to manage this restaurant, something told about this electronic style of work and determined the choice of a woman, like when Chalmett attends a lecture so happy and so excited to be here, and just like Magra for fields in restaurants your business is terrible, so happy and positive and the food is when we talked about how happy we are that we can return here correctly, we are That came here, it was a recommendation from someone from my Instagram, so we decided to check it out and I'm not going to try to say it because I do not speak French. I'm going to try to say it anyway, an extreme case of melt exams, like we are here, in May at the end of June when all the lavender blossoms, so we just come right in front of him, which is a shame, and we were hoping to see all the fields of lavender, but it's still amazing, and it's not as busy as in the month of June  we just stopped at a small cafe called a laser vein in gorg great when I'm the most famous tree and a month I have macaroni pea soup and Ingrid bought a garden chicken.

 I'm addicted to being olives. amnon adventure is getting really cool. I like pop it right here and only we just looked and could not help but come. I do not think I really liked this pasta. I would recommend the hotel where we stayed is called Creole and Liberal, and it's funny, please, stunningly, but on my Chuck and some more comfortable clothes so I can just walk around the rooms, every turn seems like you're going to enter the secret garden, honestly look at it, so many colors, I feel like I made so many pictures of flowers that I could just do vlog about the colors and friends of cats and bizarre guys, they are special, they are beautiful, everyone they look like bright blue eyes, and they are just so beautiful As Tiger gray and black coat, and they are just very beautiful I know that there are cats everywhere.


I understand that I know, but they are special in France, French cats, this is what we eat tonight, what you need to know when you stop in Provence or somewhere nearby. Make an order for dinner, because the restaurants are filled very very quickly, most likely because there are not many restaurants there, so develop super fast, so people make dinner orders every night, people who live here, and then people who just visit, so we learned our lesson from the fact that we made reservations when we can tonight We did not have to do this, but we had a little space outside the main terrace on the terrace and they just gave us a table here, but it's fine, she's very confident next to the countess and we look like we look good, maybe the pregnant one is pregnant, she's going to pop, we hope that she will now help them give birth, and now we really look, to be honest, I was a cat, I would like to have the two of us, so I watched as the kitten breaks the video, I know how to do it. We have a baby statue. I'm going to go to bed now, although I

When we are in France, then we are madly lucky, we are enjoying the real French atmosphere and of course, with great pleasure we live and explore the whole of France. The video of the amazing French minutes!


The superclue duck dinner was so delicious that I had energy just before I went to bed, and then I do not want to wake up in the morning, so it just happens.

I hope that you guys enjoyed today's journey and all that we got up if you liked this video, do not forget to give it your thumbs up, and also make sure that you are subscribed to me to know when I publish new videos and all these good things, so I'll see you guys soon in a new one.

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