Americans and Britons sometimes say a different look!
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Americans and Britons sometimes say a different look!

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Different dreamers welcome me to another lesson. Tom today we look at 20 words that the British and Americans say quite differently, that everything is going right, we can share the same language, but the British and Americans have a completely different way of pronouncing certain words it can be for many reasons that stress can fall on another syllable, the vowel sound can be another or even a consonant sound, so I took 20 high-frequency words and I'll show you how British English would say them and how American English would tell them, of course, in each aspect of British ngliyskogo language, there is a lot of emphasis on American English, there is also a lot of emphasis, I'm just going to look at the English to British English. I'm only teaching you my accent, which is a London accent, and we'll go from there, number one in British English water or take a stroll through the water, so you glue, you have glottalization in the team, then you throw T, so it's water or a water war in American English, that T becomes water-insoluble, therefore British water or water. American English water observes that vowel sounds there, in British English, are a war war, and in American English it is water of wow water, so British English water is English water number two in British English tomato tomato in an American English tomato tomato, so that ah in English our son Tamar Tomahto, and then the vowel changes in the mobile English tomato tomato, and that T again turns into a decent tomato tomato tomato and the difference is actually very important.


I was at an American restaurant with a friend and he ordered his dish, but he said he does not want any tomatoes and he told the waiter that I do not want any tomatoes and the waiter could not understand what he was saying until my friend said , that I do not have tomatoes, and then the waiter was like oh, not tomatoes, I was as good, it really does matter what pronunciation you use ok, so this is the reason to find the difference in pronunciation number 3 is our first an example of where stress differs from the world, so in British English e o adults, so stress refers to the first syllable, but American English is an adult adult, so stress refers to the second syllable for adult adults in British English, and advertising advertising emphasizes this second syllable in advertising in American English, so stress is now on the first syllable, and you will notice that there is a change, not advertisement advertising, so that it becomes an eye, and not this, it is the classic that I am always asked about, whether it's either good or British English com, either it's either American English or the one I'm talking about, I say that I do not know why I just use both pronunciations and I do not know when I use them, but sometimes I say that sometimes I say that I I do not think about whether it's British English or American English the same way with either one, or with British English or American English, I would say that neither of those two words are planned in the British English schedule, We have the sound that is scheduled in the timetable in English So that it is a curse, so now planned so that British English schedule of the US-British timetable, to be honest, I think I have used both, so I do not really think about what kind of American English or British English.

 I will use both options, which I use either English or English. mobile mobile device, so the stress on the first syllable and mobile mobile IO American English Mobile mobile, so that stress is also on the first syllable, but it's a bull, not the bull Eyal, so the British English mobile American English mobile phone targeted at the address, is on the last syllable in the American English address stress is on the first syllable, looking at the tension again here in British English this is a massage e massage effort on the first syllable in the American English massage mass So, stressed at the last massage session of the syllable massage, here the borrowed word from the French now with the borrowings from the French language is often American English will remain with the original pattern of stress, so you will feel and speak, feel and say, emphasize the final syllable in British English, we say , that the bridegroom's groom so stresses

the average syllable of their fiance I have always had this word, really differentiated, the types of English in British English weapons are not so much that the sound is not in American English, but now it seems to me that ants are an animal, not quite the same, and thus the sound of vowels, I approach the eyes of all Americans, now my accent is not particularly good, but it's close enough, so it's not in English and English, and it's wildly different from all this. one I really do not because in British English we are talking grass grass that we have H, we give her grass pronunciation in American grass grass that they just take that H and they just throw her grass anyway, this the same meaning as the grass of grass I noticed that more recently in British English we stressed the second word as well as on the cup of the World Cup.

I'm talking about the World Cup, but it can be anywhere in the cup, but in American English they put an emphasis on the first word, so the world cup of the mug of the world so highlights the first word, so in the British English World Cup in the American Cup English World Cup on the first difference in the tension in the defense of British defense, so this is on the second defense of the syllable in the American Defense of England, so that it is on the first syllable and that D is really pronounced as the defense of the British an liyskoy defense. American English defense in the British English garage garage emphasizes the first syllable of garbage.

 American garage garage, so your stress is on the last syllable Garage garage garage another French word here on British English mayonnaise mayonnaise on last syllable Mayonnaise mayonnaise mayonnaise mayonnaise mayonnaise mayonnaise mayonnaise British English mayonnaise in american English about simply male much easier Mayo it word in the British English floor, so it may be similar to the semi-finals of a tennis tournament floor in American English semi-semi, so that s tress on the last syllable there is semi in the British English floor, so that Roger Federer reached the semi-final Roger Federer reached the semifinals in the American English Roger Federer reached the semifinals semi-final, the difference in this is a big difference in the roots of the British English root in the route of the American English route since it was related to our sound routes on a British English route in American English, so when you use a satellite navigator, if you have it in British English, they will say it's the most common the fastest route in American English, they will say that this is the fastest itinerary of the itinerary route, and the last one for today is the classic zebra zar z sounds good, even just words in British English we speak Zed, and in American English they say ZZ and Z, so this is already a big difference, and then when you have the word zebra in British English zebra american english zebra zebra zebra zebra is all right there are more words I could not enter into this video that I would like for you guys to put them in the comments below, If you find this video helpful, please share it with everyone you know that, he tries to learn English, also give it big, how to give him thumbs up and make sure that you have subscribed and of course got hit in this call so that you do not miss the lesson that I have new videos every Tuesday and every Friday, helping you translate from howling English to the next level, and now the guys, thank you for hanging yourself with me, this is Tom, the main dreamer, good-bye.

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