Surprisingly drink Kukurma and you will be rejuvenated!
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Surprisingly drink Kukurma and you will be rejuvenated!

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My family barked at the internet family of everyone who just joined me hello, I'll drink one now, and first I want to say what will happen to you if you drink this drink within a year that I do during the year, here are such amazing things, at first you will have skin, and I already have the result unequivocally.

I do not have any sense just for you, doctor, you know what I'm doing from such options, this is the drink that I do first in the second, is a healthy heart, because I add half a tablespoon here, so here we are and we why, because I need curcumin, it prevents the formation of blood clots, and it cleans the blood vessels so well, and the plaques-all this cleans the face, shines after that, first, even with the small ones that know the absorption on the face , it is also simply amazing, but it is clear that here it is turmeric turmeric is a natural antibiotic and naturally you have increased immunity and you kill everything you do not need inside of you dige stion is better it's the second and the metabolism is accelerating why I still add vitamin c you say no, there is no reason for nimacy to be there because I add paprika, see what quality this sweet paprika is warning sweet, I do not advise adding hot pepper or black pepper here, why it is useful, of course, but for girls who have stomach problems Do not let the Lord have hemorrhoids or who have a problem we with the intestine inside his black pepper will be a provocateur, so in any case, and this is such an amazing drink, if you take a year 1 year you will see what will become of your skin, because the skin is here, if you have yellowish skin yellow cotton, then what happens to you, something happens, then what problems with the liver with the liver, if it's okay, suddenly you have yellowing of the skin, it means problems with the liver, this drink, it clears the liver surprisingly amazing, because it cleans the blood, so the skin is exactly so the skin from premature they are all stains, that the girls are already preparing us 42 43 spots, that stains in 43, which can be spots on the face 4355 in no, and you say that over 40 years of staining you are now drinking the right food, and the last - this taco-chord is such a powerful cancer prevention because curcumin contains alkaline alkali.

I repeat some, but we just sometimes drink acidification of soda, and here curcumin contains alkali and cancer cells, which they grow only in acidic medium, remember this only in the acidic environment of the species further in goat milk, I'm here such a homemade kefir, here such kefirchik, I do, I'm terrific, nothing complicated, I said how to do it. Sir. I make coffee. I make liquid cheese, hard cheese will show you verdya like a liquid, and only need to cook much longer to cook it to sustain it longer, it should be on me already heard that this already means that there is a leak in goat's kefir , there is a ring of potassium phosphorus malic wi you can finish manganese and without kefir shop mesnevnit and even more so with the cow in goat's milk contains biologically active substances biotin-alen lecithin albumin globulin biotin and in its composition milk is like a female and is considered one of the indispensable products for raise Nia eta strengthening the immune system and generally restores the body after suffering a serious illness. I laugh when people are disgusted to listen to doctors, everyone does not write anything to say that today I have a direct flow of heat that you do not know anything, do not write any references to them do about the council at home, do not even want to listen that you know, I somehow imagined such a ministry that helped cancer patients, you probably noticed too much, I lost friends who exactly died of cancer, namely young young people, so the latter hit right after me, I'm just rushing here, so I'm doing it, looking how I'm doing right gushing living kefir alive, well, I need a quick drink, then chattering all pours here kefirchik alive kefir, you see what's going on here, and the probiotics are all you need, this is alkalizing yourself further, that's not all, it's still not all, not all

it is still possible, and now you need to mix everything up, you can make a mixer, but you need to show that I see what beauty, besides, I also need to enjoy this process, say, at least, what beauty looks like, what it happens here and it so happened that here is such a wonderful drink, it's like a cocktail, if you make it good, now you need to wait a minute and 34 so that you know how it opens, so it opens here if you use it for year, you all will notice this, you should drink this drink then Only in the morning to repeat this drink, which you should drink in the morning for 20 minutes before breakfast or 20 minutes after breakfast it does not matter, drunk and instead of breakfast that I do it, drink the girls now, I'll take my pigeon here, and so I drink, and here is my grandfather, you do not drink your drinks, I beat them with pleasure, to drink this drink in small swallows and slowly enough, and then everything will be fine for you, t its amazing drink with names, but which rejuvenates greatly rejuvenates the body per year, using this drink ok, which you update for five years, at least a year at 5, I know that now they will joke, say "yes" if I drink this drink 10 years and children, you are already 10 years old, and add yourself, and you will add that it is no secret that in other countries of the world where less are engaged in nonsense at dairy factories, you know what I'm talking about in these countries, where there is a powerful protection of the health of motherhood of childhood, etc., where a really wonderful cheese, and, for example, take Holland, I do not know how, because they have cheese and normal, because they have the raw materials added here and now it's all to the best to take all the ingredients here this abundance from them I took this drink taken from the experience of one woman who lived 97 years from England and this is exactly what she added to the warm water that she added the turmeric gently sighed and well knocked out, waited a minute or two, then she began to add the milk to the warm milk and why warm goat's milk, because I was looking at the goat, only at this moment, I already knew about the cow milk, I found out that it was like something that bored oh with cows, what happens to what terrible diseases transmit. I have long removed cow's milk from my life of a branch and the rare cases when for a very long time on my constant woman there is no milk as a whole there and a man too, and only the woman and his wife keep goats here, but the most gla it is homemade yogurt and kefir who play exactly who is playing, there are probiotics.

 I have a whole video about probiotics, so it rejuvenates, and my body is constantly, but of course 4 km, it's necessary to pass the bi-bi-run, we go alternately with running, but do not stop for four kilometers, record the time of the hour, I do not know how you have an hour or twenty hours, but maybe if you run fast, like I'm afraid it's 40 minutes, after which you can perfectly handle at that moment and just feel the extract surprisingly well, that half a century ago I love you all, bless you and your loved ones, h m Health in an hour, I turn.

And now we'll tell you how to eat Curcuma correctly to become younger!
healthy, respected, numerous studies have confirmed the medicinal advantage of turmeric as soon as you see undeniable evidence that turmeric offers a wide range of significant health benefits and you immediately include it in your daily diet, but before you start to consume turmeric as a potent medicine, which you should study, first use it, and so to increase the use of turmeric, add black pepper turmeric, it has been scientifically proven that black pepper works, so that influential of you would like turmeric to be one of the main health benefits of black pepper, the following helps cure dizziness, helps reduce memory impairment with cognitive deficits, reduces the risk of liver and cardiovascular disease, eliminates symptoms of nasal congestion, then add healthy fats in turmeric, being fat-soluble turmeric, should be combined with fat, so that the body completely absorbed it and wished the fruits of heat, increasing the biodos The quality of turmeric as it is xplained by the doctor bitch marma is a strong turmeric ingredient - curcumin, which, despite its strength, is not easily digested by the body without the help here to understand the game since the moment when I and a small amount of warm oil increased the bioavailability of curcumin up to 2000 times mixing it with fresh ground black pepper, improve the property of absorption and healing of turmeric, combining it with healthy fats such as butter cafe or coconut oil, activate turmeric and use heat, as our black pepper will be refilled I'm four and a teaspoon of it I have more information on our website and sign up for a place.

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