If you blow up a nuclear weapon in a super volcano?
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If you blow up a nuclear weapon in a super volcano?

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Every kind of fortuneteller predicts the end of the world with an enviable regularity, and each of us imagined the coming apocalypse at least once in our life, it is most often associated with an incredible force of explosions, a powerful atomic bomb or super-volcano, and all life ends, but if two terrible forces somehow connect that is, an atomic bomb will explode in the crater of a volcano, or it's impossible, but in fact, whoever comes up with the idea of mixing such diabolical cocktails is very simple for a long time, this conversation about the fact that the superpower Aval little nuclear weapons, they are preparing something more formidable climatic wars, for example, a sweet couple Russia and America.
 Constantly move away from each other in the impact on the internal climate of the country recently, Russia said that the abnormally hot summer of 2010 with peat fires and a powerful smog was set up by the Americans the same in turn believe that the Russians sent them a devastating hurricane Katrina of course this is not yet a real war I am so just a muscle game know ours and behave decently though most experts are sure that further exchange of courtesies in the form of storms of tornadoes is not going to happen today mankind can have an impact on nature for example, to cause or disperse the rain, but no one is able to control major cataclysms so that no country decides to drop an atomic bomb on a volcano, or, nevertheless, it will be solved. Well, for example, for good purposes, such cases in the history of mankind have already been deliberately bombed by fire-breathing giants to divert lava from cities in the 70s of the last century similar experiments were conducted by scientists of the Hawaiian volcanic observatory and representatives of the US and the world's largest volcano mauna-loa with the help of nuclear strikes tried to squash chegarit as much as three times but attempts to change the movement of lava were not successful with the inflamed streams did not listen to people flowed where they were directed by nature but suddenly someone decides to repeat such experiments what this can lead to and what our chances of survival as you already understood I'm a big fan of food explosions Do not feed just give anything away and war thunder is one of the reasons why?

 Video began to come out so rarely any lover of juicy and loud explosions can not pass by war thunder only imagine more than 1000 units of military equipment from quite rare old men to jet planes and modern T-64s and who literally beg to be stuffed with their lead and this is not some bots there are real players of different corners of our planet you should have already heard that I am a real light when it comes to graphics so to tell how good it is here I will not be otherwise I would not play in this it is also meaningless to mention that war thunder will suit absolutely everyone regardless of the level of training realistic fights will make sweat the most skillful professionals in the arcade mode to take out the vrachin can even my grandmother squeeze time and it's necessary to get the game back in general in the game dozens of various

locations around the world I hope that after the end of this video we will meet you on one of them, the game is absolutely free if you install it on my link in the description, get a premium account and a technique for l first victories at the initial stage if the bomb is struck by an ordinary volcano crowned with a mountain in the form of a cone, then the blow only bears him the roof but does not cause tectonic activity. The volcano will continue to sleep soundly smells of smoke as the old kind village stove does not interfere with him or radioactive radiation. in that the radius of the explosion of the most powerful bombs is small enough and will not be able to reach the underground reservoir, for example the fireball of a bomb the fat man dropped on Nagasaki in 1945 was 200 meters compared These dimensions, for example, with the mountain of St. Helens, having a height of 2,500-49 meters, the fat man could only destroy it if the volcano shows activity at the time of the nuclear attack, then the probability of opening the magma tank will be much higher, but in this case the bomb will only start the eruption a little earlier than nature and if you please an atomic bomb in the mouth of a super volcano super volcano is not like a conventional fire-breathing cone, it is a vast surface of the thinned earth's crust under which pulsates the hot magma in the territory of such a tectonic giant can accommodate several ordinary volcanoes, however, the atomic bomb is unlikely to wake the giant because his magma is located at a depth of as much as eight thousand meters.
  Unless to drop it just at the moment of the awakening of this giant, but such a phenomenon can be considered a rarity because the eruption of such scales occur no more than once in 17 thousand years on earth there are only 20 super volcanoes, the probability is that any of them will begin to spit with lava At this moment, according to mathematical laws, it is incredibly small but similar to
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