Real American guys fun
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Real American guys fun

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America the land of the brave the land of the free also the land of controversy and what would the land of controversy be without good jokes that's what I thought time to get this thing started here are 10 hilarious jokes about Americans what do you call someone that speaks three languages trialing you'll what do you call someone who speaks two languages bilingual and what do you call someone that speaks one language American what's the difference between yogurt in America yogurt will actually develop a culture after 200 years where the no American knock-knock jokes because freedom rings actually no I lied knock-knock was there 9/11 9/11 who how did you get a hundred Americans into a box of donuts you tell them there's only one left how do you convince America to get involved in a war you tell them it's almost over you know I'm American and I'm tired of people saying that America is the dumbest country in the world I personally think that Europe is the dumbest country in the world hmm what's the easiest way to tell that you're in America when a pizza can get to your house faster than an ambulance I sometimes get offended by these American stereotypes but I remember when the whole country is freaking out because they stopped making Twinkies and finally let's see should I choose Donald Trump or should I choose Hillary all right that's gonna do it for today's video guys I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did make sure to drop a like down below also if you haven't already you should definitely subscribe to this channel if you think my videos are worth it then please share with your friends if you have any other funny joke ideas or skit ideas let me know in the comments below alright guys thank you so much and have a great day.

The American jokes are so tasty!

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