True stories about America: New York!
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True stories about America: New York!

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Continue our conversations and our regiment arrived professional new yorker and almost here we have the opposite but even a beginner new yorker after the first time I so understand that everything will be 100 at least as yet studied and not everywhere lived permissible well no obstacles and as I understand it there would be a desire how many times New York 4 and where they stayed too could it namely the brooklyn tunnels here and the brooklyn give you different views you traveled and it turned out not at that stop came out in Brooklyn it was you like it was somewhere 11 nights we went out in brooklyn understood and that we overslept our installation I liked the atmosphere and we quickly left back very, very, so I will not tell you by the creation that came through the Brooklyn bridge with my parents slept in the subway stop on you went to hand well, not at all from Brooklyn actually very much needed brooklyn very different whom 1 time went I had to live in brooklyn was very upset because I still had this stereotype that this is generally a very dangerous area that is very far from the center and so on in fact the brooklyn is very huge it is generally how necessary but say something like a separate city in New York and it is very different, that is, if it is a region of

Brighton Beach that is Russian Brooklyn and there lives a lot of not even Russian and Russian-speaking people without years center of rub on there live generally only days of African Americans from it's closer to the manhattan is again completely different brooklyn it's very big and afraid there's absolutely nothing I just it's pretty 4 am in brooklyn and everything was great i.e. the mechanics of a meter is it just would not know how to compare in kyiv but this balloon in Kiev by popularity Queens and there by the way, too, is very safe running ahead of garms looking to let my sisters probably yes yes, but now in the army everything is fine, that is, in Brooklyn, but everywhere there are certain some blocks to the method where the blocks are better but not very much we do not go there in the total sum of everything is wonderful all got the funnel all was afraid in fact there we have two positions manhattan only and manhattan plus brooklyn I generally hang depend on agreed neji new york york new york paid attention like new york or it's only in the sitcoms of Americans the American they do not like works of anger seedlings a real new yorker he seems to me this is true because we flew back with the airport and no kennedy flew to the inner from the Newark port which is just not jersey and even the driver told us the story of the appearance of that you need to tell Newark that here they have their own special relationship, I can not say that they are straight well, they do not like it there, but it seems to me that it feels very different that they really need to move.

Quite a long way you have a feeling I had that I got to another place although the anus is exactly so all is beautiful and when you take off from this airport it is very advantageous they call it disparaging domestic airport well of the type not the international take off and it is just this woman thank you as we called her for it is perfectly visible that's just better than from and recommended not to swim joyously this is yes it's in a blog in your written I honestly I read it in fact I pointed out that there is you interesting to visit the museum of migrants who are on or the salon where the find there is a statue of liberty or you've dreamed of coming to her very close to this to make great photos. Clearly worth it is to spend 20-30 dollars there how much we are going to go well 5 hours on time if you had a dream that time, all the more so, just traveling to New York and you would like to get acquainted with the main sights you can take a different lancer worth it is a free ferry that carries people to worth it it and back and here it is there to spend an hour of time on which you swim and and if a good camera can be principle from there to do good polygamy were you see and you disappeared and it's important to you just to see the Mitya will be behind the zoom and the controversy

and you can do everything with a tour bus on the excursion there are impressions I would like to compare did not use them because I do not understand the meaning of New York it to use the first two you will not get round it it if to take so krakov there please 5 hours you all city have studied in New York it is impossible but in my opinion I simply prepared that that I want to see has described this territory it I was practically manhattan I had all the divorce grouses I had only two days so I realized that spending it on the bus in principle does not make sense and the whole route was built using a simple gadget for the name of the reforms that helps guide you prompting which subway to sit in meters you go there 15 lines meet for every 3 meters is already another line that is pretty hard all this way with the help of an iPhone it's not advertising well, well, but it's really a very good help but I do not know I'll say these weak all bus nicks called la definitely in New York it's meningitis cheeks everything is very clear double-decker bus wind wild summer is okay in the heat and in winter they say that there is just well it's impossible how cold and here they were I had meningitis kea in los angeles well such incredible heat open bus the second floor I I do not know how those people do not lose knowledge at all burn center in there for five minutes you can really burn up well, just the damage and blonde squirrels and they are here they go the poor here they are sitting and I was ready and will throw it well so this is more and more that I will not tell you there a similar feeling comfortable, I also never went to the tourist bus tour but if we're talking about New York and of America, in principle, it makes no sense to take them because they navigate the streets prostroen very well that there are signs everywhere where you are played.

The big plus of New York is that if in the lower streets of Manhattan there are their names, then on the street I blame them, they are numbered all out of confusion is very difficult. If this is specific, then there are no problems. Still, I will ask each other how to get there and in fact one there were times when they just took the pen well the truth was I had a washington was not that besides the meters there is no example and the woman was walking with huge bags I could not find a house where it was necessary to get it she just threw out which she did not know how to use and she just pr she spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how it works and the google maps app in the end she and it threw up the bags just led the mini garden if you are not very sociable and the indicator brute super cool does not necessarily ask where you are going from here will show you get lost get out very difficult and again minus the sightseeing bus or rather not a minus and why not needed because all

small it needs to be and in principle for the whole day if you start from the lower manhattan and walk to the center of the park and walk and the central park principle if you talk about b the main places of interest further it makes no sense these can walk on foot to walk a good appetite then eat post to the contrary let's give the building of iraq server center how not to mix up those who first work I understand how not to confuse and find them then take a pause and then about eat street food and stretch in New York and in general on the territories if it turns out so and more is worth building why you missed it funny I'm a man who wanted in New York years I do not know how many myself I remember so much and I did not miss I was sure that the Empire State Building looks different and moreover it turned out I was not the only one and everyone who was around was well about the mass psychosis we all thought it was chrysler c I do not know why can films because of what is often shown these patterns well, well, just when I went to empire y but I go on a tour

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